specialty-manufacturingThere’s no doubt that your specialty manufacturing company has its fair share of loyal customers who love your brand and products. Those same customers sometimes act as brand advocates for your company, resulting in some great referrals and sales without costing you much, if anything, in marketing costs.

The problem though is that those loyal customers may not know all of the products and services your company offers; they may only be exposed to a limited scope of your capabilities – those they’ve interacted with. So, how do you get more information to these customers?

Here are a few ways you can leverage Inbound Marketing to deepen your relationship with existing customers. 

1. Let Your Products and Services Be Known

Your brand may be top-of-mind with customers but not all of your products and services may be known to them. Proper Inbound Marketing will make it easier to find these otherwise lesser-known aspects of your company. This can be done through varied content offers on your website, blog posts, and e-mail marketing, all of which can be monitored to see which content is most attractive. Pairing a similar product or service to one a customer has already purchased can yield positive results. An example of this is how Amazon suggests certain items you’d be interested in after purchasing a product. It may take a little time for you to identify trends but once you have it down the process will be painless.

2. Feed Your Best Promoters

Loyal customers act as brand advocates for you, and a constant stream of sharable content to them will bolster your reach. Those loyal customers may already be talking about your brand on social media and sending links to others but a lot of that content is probably not formatted or meant to be sharable. Your brand advocates also have to go out of their way to share that content. Crafting content for Inbound Marketing includes making it easily sharable so now customers will only have to click one button to share across different social networks. Now your content will be seen by people who trust the person sharing the message.

3. Tap Into Your Best Promoters 

This may be obvious, but since your loyal customers already like what you do, they’re more likely to have a positive view on other things your brand can do for them. Each time you share a new offer via email, make sure your loyal customers are on the list. Heck, even segment that list and ask your most loyal customers for feedback on certain products and services offered. This actively engages them to an even higher degree.

4. Divide and Conquer

You know who your loyal customers are by name and probably know them personally fairly well, too. Depending on the scope of your business you might have a large number of them, all equally important and valued. Maybe you have a list of these customers in paper form or maybe in an Excel spreadsheet. An Inbound Marketing platform like HubSpot allows you to make a digital list that’s much more usable.

By usable, I mean that you can schedule specific content pieces to be sent to those loyal customers you’ve identified, further educating them on your brand. The sending of these content pieces can all be automated as well, eliminating the need to go through a complicated process every time you want to send an email. You’re also able to segment your customers by their activity on your site, allowing you to further segment customers and give them more of a personalized experience with your company.

5. Monitor

If you’ve followed Inbound Marketing you’ve seen that monitoring the activity on your website and gathering data is an essential part of this approach. You’ve probably got a good feel for what your customers are interested in, but without an Inbound Marketing software system you can’t see what customers are up to on your site. With this kind of system in place, you’re able to see what pages your customers are visiting and what downloads they’re taking a look at without having to contact them and directly ask or try to infer their activities with your brand. Oh, and if your customers are active on social media, you can see what they are saying about your brand and respond to any issues that arise.

Inbound Marketing is a powerful tool for your loyal customers – not just for acquiring new ones. Once you can develop an Inbound Marketing strategy for your company and add current customers as one of your targets, you’re going to start seeing more interest in your full line of products and services.