Video Influencer Marketing
Video Influencer Marketing

Video content has proved itself to be a surefire way to accelerate influencer status. The popularity of social video platforms has only continued to rise, which has prompted many businesses to market through the medium.

Videos provide businesses with the opportunity to engage an audience quickly and in a captivating way. With how important videos have become to the influencer marketing strategy, it’s imperative to understand how to make the best use of it. These five tips will help you get the most of your video influencer marketing efforts.

1. Relevancy is key

You may be inclined to veer towards influencers with larger followings, but focusing on relevancy is much more important. If collaborating with a YouTuber is how your business has chosen to go forth with its influencer marketing campaign, you want to ensure that the YouTuber correlates with your target audience.

YouTube users are not looking to be sold to — they are looking for entertainment, which is why the product or service has to align with the interest of the influencer’s audience to be effective. If what your business is promoting isn’t highly relevant to the YouTuber’s audience, it will go unnoticed. A successful video campaign will tap into YouTube channels that complement what you’re selling.

For example, there are a plethora of beauty bloggers on YouTube with massive followings. These are the perfect influencers to market makeup and beauty products. However, this audience won’t respond as well to a product they don’t have a vast interest in, even if they are in the same demographic you’re targeting.

2. Allow the influencer creative freedom

It’s crucial that your influencer has creative freedom in your influencer marketing collaboration for the campaign to be effective. The influencer has accumulated their followers entirely on their own, which means they know them best. Straying from what the influencer’s audience is used to may deter them. Trust that a good influencer knows how to create a message that will resonate with their audience.

This is not to say you should give your influencer complete control over your campaign. Communication is a key part of working with an influencer. They need to understand your goals and what message you’re trying to convey. However, when it comes to relaying that message, they will know how to do so in the most organic fashion.

When having a YouTube talent integrate your product or service into one of their videos, the more seamless it is, the better. Audiences have adapted their senses to sniff out a non-authentic sponsored video pretty quickly, which makes it important that the influencer puts a spin on it that doesn’t dissuade them.

3. Feature influencers in videos

When collaborating with an influencer, take things a step beyond just having them promote your product or service and feature them in your own video content. Integrating the influencer in your own video content can help draw the audience from their channel to yours with simple promotion.

Whether it be an interview or a creative project, how you feature the influencer is entirely up to you. Driving the influencer’s audience to your channel can be beneficial for both you and them. The influencer has an opportunity to win over a new audience and your existing audience gets to engage with fresh content.

Something as simple as an interview with the influencer can generate significant traffic to whatever platform you’ve chosen. Not only will this lead their followers to you, the creative freedom has shifted, and you have more control over how you market to them.

4. Have the influencer create explainer and review videos

Like any good advertisement, the audience has to understand how your product or service works and why they need it. Convincing an influencer’s audience to become customers is no different. One way to do this is by having the influencer create explainer or review videos.

People are more prone to watch a video about a product or service rather than read text. Having an influencer do the explaining for you can work wonders. The best way to accomplish this is by having the influencer create a video in the vein of a tutorial where they showcase your product and explain how and why it works.

You may not be able to fool the audience into believing what they are watching isn’t sponsored content, but this avenue isn’t overly promotional and can be much more engaging. Collaborating with the influencer and finding the best way to create an explainer video is a fantastic way to inform their audience why what you’re offering is valuable.

5. Track influencer performance

Tracking performance is crucial when it comes to any marketing campaign, especially when you’re working with more than one influencer. One great way to monitor each influencer’s performance is to use custom links and codes to better understand the efficiency of your campaign.

When working with multiple influencers, it’s impossible to know which ones are getting the best results without tracking their individual performances. This knowledge is vital in order to optimize the effectiveness of your campaign. Understanding which influencers you should focus on and why others aren’t working as well will help you strategize how to create the most effective campaign.

To track the ROI metrics of each influencer, provide them with a custom link or coupon codes to share with their followers. This way, you’ll be able to determine the source of each click to your website. If you are offering a discount code or coupon through your influencer, you can make each unique as another way to track performance.

Let me know if you have any questions, or would like to share your insights on influencer marketing, video marketing, or social media marketing.