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Attending trade shows is an excellent way to network with professionals and businesses related to your industry. From there, you can build relationships and connections that you can leverage for future use.

For business owners who are setting up shops on an upcoming trade show, this is an opportunity to make a name for your brand. Who knows when you can get another trade show slot where you can promote your wares, attract the right audience, and generate buzz about your business? Therefore, you need to make the most of your situation and put your best foot forward in front of your potential clients.

Below are ways to help you not only stand out from the pack during a trade show, but also leave a lasting impression to everyone in attendance.

Invest on quality printed materials

Business cards, banners, and custom table clothes are just some of the many printed materials that you will need to prepare for the event. Since everybody will be bringing their A-game to the trade show, you need to up the ante by making the best possible print-outs for your brand.

I’m not just talking here of compelling designs of your logo and copy. I’m also referring to the quality of the prints. For example, you can’t give out thin and flimsy business cards to people because it reflects poorly on your brand. Same goes to your tablecloth made from cheap plastic.

You need to go the extra mile by giving passersby and visitors of your booth a taste of what your brand means to you. Instead of going for plastic, you can choose cotton, polyester, or any other tablecloth material that would make your brand stand out.

Master your elevator pitch

Getting people to stay in your booth will only happen if you can compel them with words. Your print materials can only do so much as to attract them towards your booth. Your pitch, therefore, should convince them to stay and listen more to what your brand can offer them.

Elevator pitches are quick and packed with information that will easily persuade even the most doubtful of your audiences. By following the tips of on how to craft your ideal elevator pitch, you should be able to come up with a fast and swift way to swoon passersby in the trade show to coming over your booth.

Keep your booth comfy

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Even if you have a small space for your booth, you need to make it as comfortable as possible for your potential customers to visit and hang in your booth. In fact, having a “less is more” approach to designing your booth encourages more people to enter it. Avoid using tables at the center of the booth as they only occupy space and prevent people from coming in. You can then just place chairs at strategic places in your booth and open it for people where they can sit down and relax after hours of walking around.

Never forget unforgettable giveaways

Giveaways are freebies handed out to people who visited and engaged with your booth in a trade show. Typical examples of giveaways are ball pens, carabiners, tote bags, and clips, among other giveaway ideas.

You don’t need to give away expensive items during trade shows. You simply need to hand them items that they will repeatedly use so they will be reminded of your brand that’s printed on the item. This reason is why ball pens are very popular giveaway items.

However, if you want to stand out from similar businesses with your giveaway, then you need to be very creative. For example, since almost everybody owns a smartphone, it’s great to giveaway keychains that also serve as a phone stand. This type of keychain serves a dual purpose: not only will it hold your keys, but also your phone when you’re watching videos from your apps.

On the other hand, you might be tempted to hand out popular items like fidget spinners as your giveaways.They may be popular now, but you also need to align your giveaways with how it helps build your brand in the process. Are fidget spinners related to your mission and goals? You need to balance out these factors to come up with a giveaway idea that satisfies all your needs.

Document your trade show on social media

While the fun takes place in your booth during the trade show, you shouldn’t leave non-attendees from joining in the party. Hosting short live videos on Facebook and live-tweeting the event allow you to keep in touch with your audience who aren’t in attendance to at least participate with your brand.

More importantly, you give them a glimpse of the people behind your brand. It lets you put faces on your business to help humanize your marketing efforts and acknowledge the people running your business and helping it grow.


For some, a trade show is not another day when businesses set up a booth, try to get leads and customers, and pack up at the end of the year. However, if you want to make the most out of trade shows, then you need to treat it more than just another day.

Ultimately, it is an opportunity for you to showcase your passion for your brand and share your infectious energy to others in the hopes of getting them to share the same sentiment. Hopefully, the tips and advice mentioned above should lead you off to a fruitful and memorable experience with your target audience.