The goal of experiential marketing events is to create a closer relationship between the consumer and the brand. This is achieved by immersing the consumer in the most fun and memorable experience possible in order to create something they will never forget, tell their friends or just plain sell. Like any marketing technique, some brands get this done much more effectively than others. Here are five of the wackiest events we’ve seen that prove experiential marketing rocks!

TNT: “Push to Add Drama

TNT-DramaTNT definitely raised the bar for experiential events with a product awareness campaign in an otherwise quiet town square. Unsuspecting participants who pressed a button found themselves at the epicenter of chaos featuring screeching ambulances, fist fights, bikini-clad motorcyclists, and gunshots. All with the aim to promote TNT’s brand of “Daily Dose of Drama”.

Seem a little over the top, edgy and perhaps a little bit dangerous? It pretty much was but in the end it all worked out as planned. The result: converted fans that will never, ever forget what they experienced, relay it to everyone they know and an ability to recycle the campaign digitally for a chance at virality.

Zappos “Wheel of Fortune

On the day before Thanksgiving, Zappos sent a street team out to JFK airport to spread a little happiness and promote their brand. The team covered a conveyor belt in the baggage claim area with game pieces denoting prizes from the online retailer. When a passenger’s bag dropped down the chute, the owner won a prize according to the game piece it landed on.


Not only did this event resonate with weary travelers, but it also gave a boost to Zappos just before Black Friday. Slap up a hashtag (#travelhappy) and shoot a video. Voila! Instant doubled up marketing campaign.

Ford’s “Songs of the Road 

ford-songsoftheroadThis new campaign provides a unique twist with its format of an ongoing web series “Songs of the Road”. In each episode, up and coming musicians are set up to write an entirely new song whilst riding in a Ford, visiting new places and collaborating their musical talents. They later perform the song before a live audience using the car’s battery as a power source.

You could consider this a mobile tour of a completely different animal but in the end it resulted in a great promotional event experienced by many both digitally and live in concert.

Charmin’s Pottypalooza 

charminDepending on the type of trade shows you attend, you might already know about this mobile marketing tour. Here, Charmin travels to various events with its own trailer equipped with plush bathrooms stocked with their products.

While it may seem redundant to travel around with toilets to venues that already included them, which would you choose: Stuffy portajohn or air conditioned and odor-free Charmin toilet?

We would assume they were booth staff to maintain the cleanliness so we suppose you could consider this a two part street team and mobile marketing success.

Coke’s “Unlock the 007 in You

This Coca Cola campaign tied into the release of the James Bond film “Skyfall”. Unsuspecting individuals that stopped to get a Coke Zero at a machine in Belgium’s Central station found themselves given a task instead. With 70 seconds, they had to run past a myriad of obstacles to make it to a given platform. Those successful were rewarded with free movie tickets. Didn’t like the product launch event? Well, hopefully you’ll love the movie.


These are just a few of the many crazy ideas experiential marketers have been coming up with. What were once simple flash mobs and breakdancing segways have morphed into something greater, all aimed at pleasing people. The ideas are limitless and now with the digital marketing aspect ROI can skyrocket.

Hook up with a creative experiential marketing agency today and play your hand with a campaign that totally rocks!