If you’re in marketing, you’ve probably attended your fair share of trade shows. These events provide a unique opportunity to connect with others in your industry and expand your professional network. You probably have several marketing tricks up your sleeve to help your business stand out from the competition at these events. But have you spent time thinking about what your business is giving away? While it’s probably true that most people don’t attend industry events for the sole purpose of grabbing giveaway items, chances are good that they’re going to leave with a full bag of freebies! The best trade show freebies are highly functional and have staying power, so that potential customers remember your business for a long time. Here are five of the most effective and least expensive trade show giveaways for your business:

Ice Scrapers
Do you live in a region where you wake up in the morning to an ice coated windshield regularly? A personalized ice scraper could be a great trade show freebie for your business. Yes, potential customers may toss them in the trunk of their cars. But they are going to remember you as soon as the winter comes around again!

Hand Fans
On the flip side, a personalized hand fan is especially useful if you live in a hot climate. Not only are they highly functional, chances are good that they are going to come in handy on humid days for the foreseeable future. And every time someone picks it up to fan themselves, they will be reminded of your business!

Sunglasses Clips
How many times have you lost a pair of sunglasses in your life? Probably more than a few! Sunglasses clips are a unique, yet effective freebie item for businesses attending trade shows. They clip on to the visor of your car so that you always know where to find your sunglasses while you’re driving on sunny days. This giveaway is one that your customers will use frequently.

Tape Measures
If you work in an office, there have probably been times where you’ve needed a tape measure. Perhaps you recently purchased a new copy machine and you’re trying to figure out where to put it, or maybe you’re moving the office around to accommodate a new employee. In either case, a tape measure would have come in handy. Why not create personalized ones for your next industry event?

Bottle Opener
Bottle openers meet the criteria for an effective trade show giveaway. They are both highly functional and they’ve got staying power! It’s a good idea to opt for personalized keychain bottle openers because they will probably get the most use. No more searching for a bottle opener while cracking open a cold drink at your next cookout!

There are a number of things you can do to help your company stand out during and after the next trade show. It’s important to focus on the overall picture, from marketing materials and giveaways to booth design and sales pitches. A well thought-out strategy for industry events will help you make a big splash for your business.