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The world of marketing is demanding; timelines, deadlines, analytics and content creation are difficult to manage. Solutions that save time and improve your performance in your marketing efforts can make a world of difference in your daily life. Here are five tools everyone in a marketing position should be using.

  1. Kiss ambiguity goodbye with Kissmetrics. Kissmetrics is a great tool that simplifies site analytics. Instead of providing the basic metrics, this particular tool looks at the data and matches it to revenues generated. Finally, a tool available moves beyond the simple stats like page views and matches the revenue to activities. Conversion, church and average revenue per customer are all accounted for in this solution.
  2. Keyword research is time-consuming. Scribe can help you get through that tedious task. Scribe allows you to create top-tier SEO content by focusing exclusively on content that that is aligned with the keywords you have selected. Long-term growth and improved campaign performance produce better organic results.
  3. Prioritize and review relevant content on your terms. Feedly is a great tool that is now an alternative to Google Reader. Marketers cut time daily in reading through content that is only relevant to their goals. You can personalize and aggregate content from different platforms and make it accessible via your smartphone device.
  4. Slideshare is another invaluable tool that allows you to create, share and distribute marketing materials conveniently online. These tools save you in allowing you to distribute content in multiple ways. This tool can also help you in your branding efforts and expand your online presence.
  5. Hootsuite streamlines the updating process and permits you to manage multiple accounts simultaneously. These affordable social media management platforms improve productivity. You can monitor post performance and social interactions from other users. You can support Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus using this solution.

Marketing professionals are pressed for time and devote a significant amount of it to research, social media and branding efforts. These tools are great for marketers, and they help improve productivity. In streamlining the time-consuming process that eats away at your productivity, you can be more effective in your role.