With advanced marketing analytics, opportunities for deep behavior-triggered lead nurturing abound.  There’s so much data available, and so much potential data, you owe it to your visitors to provide them with information that will help them make better decisions. But developing a strategy around all of this data can seem daunting. Where do you start?

behavior triggered lead nurturing

Any behavior-triggered campaign, when created with advanced marketing analytics, will likely be smarter than your current lead nurturing. You should simply start by getting started. Here are 5 tips to get your advanced lead nurturing efforts off the ground:

  1. Start with What You Know – You’re already using analytics to track the content usage on your current website. Go high-level and start applying new advanced marketing tracking to commonly accessed content. If you have a white paper that receives a significant number of downloads, start tracking that conversion. If there’s a blog post that commonly turns visitors into leads, track that, too. Anything that your visitors access, when advanced analytics are applied, can provide more information about the path from visitor to lead to customer.
  2. Take Time to Analyze – When you’re starting out, fight the urge to expect results right away. Behavior-triggered lead nurturing means you must first learn how your visitors move through the funnel.  Starting with top of the funnel behavior will help you determine the best content for middle of the funnel lead nurturing.  When you look at the analytics and have that head-tilt moment, add additional events that can help you better understand how a visitor made it from one point to another.
  3. Adjust as You Learn More – As you discover what content engages your leads, you can replace your existing lead nurturing efforts with more advanced techniques.  Investigating the behavior of visitors on site can help you effectively provide them with the information they need without sending them information they don’t. You can also make better decisions on what new content to create so that you aren’t developing content in a vacuum.
  4. Look for New Opportunities – With advanced marketing analytics, you’ll gain a broader understanding of what content is converting visitors into customers.  A piece of content that didn’t have traction previously may suddenly start to gain attention.  This top of the funnel content can create a new middle of the funnel lead nurturing opportunities, if you can set up events related to that content quickly.
  5. Think Outside the Site – As you’re creating on-site events, you’ll begin to notice more opportunities outside of your actual website. Maybe you receive a referral from a social network like Twitter or LinkedIn. Maybe it’s from a mobile or Facebook app. Take note of these potential integrations so that you can develop advanced marketing analytics around events that happen outside of your website.

Patience and agility will be important as you build a behavior-triggered lead nurturing strategy based on advance marketing analytics. It takes time to develop an accurate picture of any visitor, and you will need to analyze the data regularly for insights into a potential customer’s behavior. That doesn’t mean you can’t learn something early in the process. You just have to get started before you see any results. For more on getting started with advanced marketing analytics and behavior-triggered lead nurturing, watch this recorded webinar.

Photo Credit: guy schmidt