What’s the point of having a sales team if they aren’t going to be producing to the best of their abilities? When you follow these five tips for creating a winning sales culture, whether in your offices or with an outsourced sales team, you’ll be on your way to establishing a purposeful, results-driven sales culture.

Standardize Your Sales Training

Find what works and stick with it—standardize your sales training for every team, across all locations. Found a way to improve the training? Great, adjust it for all and train everyone—new or not—on what’s new. When you standardize your sales training, it becomes more efficient to execute and helps to measure performance on an equal playing field while applying only what works best.

Motivational Environment

Sales can be tough, so it’s important to provide your sales teams with support, positive feedback, and recognition. Your sales environment should be exciting whenever possible but also encourage open communication, open feedback and coaching, positive reinforcement and celebration. When someone feels recognized and supported, they no longer feel afraid to take risks or go all out for the big sale.

Create Leadership Structure

It’s important to create a clear leadership structure and path to promotion in any sales organization. Small groups of six or so work best, with group leaders reporting to team leaders, who report to sales leadership. This allows each rep to be properly observed, coached, and rewarded, because the organization isn’t too flat to recognize individual contributions or issues.

Transparency & Adaptability

Open communication is important in any organization—you want your sales team to trust that everything is fine with the company and if not, that you’ll communicate to them clearly. It’s important to have a talk about the good and the bad so that your sales teams know you’re paying attention to everything going on and always trying to improve the experience and process.

Hire the Same Type of Sales People

No, this doesn’t mean they must all be the same age, look the same, or even have much in common in their personal lives—in fact, that kind of diversity is proven to be a positive asset to sales teams and lead to higher success rates. What we’re talking about is identifying the personality traits and sales styles of the best sales people for your product, and driving those values home during recruitment. Look for salespeople who are ethical, positive, encourage others, have a thick skin.

With these five tips from Invenio Marketing Solutions, you’ll be well on your way to a positive, productive sales culture. If you need further help establishing a sales team, setting up a winning sales culture, or augmenting your sales and marketing efforts, let us know!