Is your digital marketing campaign working? If you are like most marketers, the answer is no. Only 9% of today’s marketers claim that they know their digital marketing is working. With new technologies, tools and platforms emerging every day, many marketers are challenged to keep up. And they don’t have a lot of confidence in overall efforts. Adobe’s recent survey of marketers In Digital Distress: What Keeps Marketers Up at Night? revealed that only 40% of those polled think their company’s overall marketing is effective.

Improve Your Odds for Success

Despite such dispiriting numbers, there’s a lot that even experienced marketers can do to increase their success. The following tips will serve as reminders about important steps in the marketing process that sometimes get overlooked in the rush to launch a campaign. Each point offers a question to consider; your answers will yield better results.

1. The Right Place at the Right Time: Know Your Marketplace

Prospects have an immediate need that they want you to satisfy. You could be wasting valuable resources trying to sell something to the wrong customer at the wrong time to satisfy the wrong need. Does your product really help your prospect?

2. Keep Score: Know Your Baselines

Baselines tell you how your last campaign fared, and what channels and tactics worked. Focus your resources where they can perform best and set goals. If your last campaign fell short, it may not be realistic to try to make up a shortfall in your next campaign. Does focus on a specific channel mean you should spend more money there?

3. Fantasy vs. Reality: Establish Goals and Objectives

A lot of businesses operate on the maxim just sell more than last time, creating more problems than profits. Without clear guidance, your team gets overly stressed trying to meet invisible goals that diminish productivity. It’s a vicious cycle. Your team must understand exactly what’s expected to encourage it to do better. Does your team have the resources to achieve your goals?

4. Keep Your Ducks in a Row: Effective Project Management

Failure to efficiently manage your projects can be catastrophic. From tracking dollars to tracking hours, staying on budget and on schedule is just the beginning. Crystal clear communications are often overlooked. Not only is it critical that everyone know what’s expected of them and when, they should know what the project is about After all, context can clarify and inspire. Does your team feel like a team?

5. Price vs. Value: Know Your Product

Nothing erodes a prospect’s confidence faster than when the rep doesn’t know their product. From the ‘elevator pitch” to price, from how it’s made to how it works, the team must all be on the same page. A mechanic may not need to know the complexities of your database, but anyone who interacts with the customer needs to know the value proposition and pricing. Does your team really know the product?