marketing knowThe annual State of Marketing Measurement Survey revealed some fascinating numbers about new tactics of marketing professionals and where the winds of change are steering them. We won’t give it all away here—you can download the full State of Marketing Measurement Survey Report for that—but here are five highlights that you should be aware of as you think about your marketing.

CEOs are ready to get their hands dirty

67% of survey respondents have a significantly or totally committed CEO who has influence in most marketing decisions. Not only that, those CEOs want regular reports on marketing ROI: 26% of marketing teams are reporting their marketing metrics to the CEO on a monthly basis. As the tools that enable marketing teams to measure success have become more and more sophisticated, business owners have begun to realize the importance of metrics, monitoring which activities succeed and which fail.

49% of marketing organizations are tracking new customers

Tracking new customer sources is the highest rated marketing metric utilized by marketing organizations. As businesses seek to cut out marketing initiatives that aren’t generating leads—and double-down on those that are—it becomes more important to be able to track the origin of new customers and be able to provide data to justify budget cuts and additional expenditures.

68% of marketing teams have a content developer

It’s not all data. Content marketing is one thing that most marketers agree is a must, and it turns out that 68% of respondents have added a content developer to their marketing teams, creating a consistent cadence of meaningful, appealing content to contribute to the organization’s marketing efforts. How important is content to your marketing team? Do you fall in that 68%?

25% of marketing teams have a growth hacker

Growth hackers are quickly becoming all the rage in marketing organizations, combining marketing knowledge with technology, code and data to grow their company’s business, focus on marketing measurements, and track analytics. With the budding emphasis on metrics, 25% of marketing teams have added a growth hacker to their ranks to manage this important aspect of their processes and contribute to growth.

Inbound phone calls were rated highest in their ability to effectively generate sales leads

When asked what marketing channels were most effective for generating sales leads, respondents rated inbound phone calls as having the greatest lead generation potential of all marketing activity. Many have long believed that phone leads are the missing piece to many marketing strategies, but with inbound calls rated so highly, we may be seeing a turn in the way marketing organizations perceive their most valuable leads (inbound phone leads are seven times more likely to convert.)

These are just a few of the exciting stats provided by The 2013 State of Marketing Measurement Survey Report, but if you want to learn more about what successful marketers are doing and how they’re doing it, the report is available to download free right here.