A freelance marketing consultant is a great solution for employers with tight budgets and high expectations.

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Successful businesses know the importance of marketing and how essential it is to invest in that department, and the freelance option usually ends up creating the perfect ‘win-win’ situation for independent workers and start-ups. Here are tips to pick the right freelance marketing consultant for your business.

1) Experience

Make sure your freelance marketing consultant has appropriate and useful experience in your industry. or niche sector. Experience can also come from similar and related activities, and what matters most are the examples your consultant can share with you. Experience in dealing with the same kind of target audience is ideal.

2) Trust

The feeling of trust between both parties is essential when it comes to hiring a freelance consultant, as marketing projects usually take time and your patience might be tested on a regular basis. Ensure you are on the same wavelength as your marketer when you first meet and discuss the project. Communication is key in this process, during all steps of the collaboration.

3) Skills

Your marketing needs might be very specific, and require a consultant with extremely precise skills to drive the project. Great tools to double check your candidate’s skills are LinkedIn and their official website, as well as your own review of their previous work. Make sure you have established the key skills you are looking for prior to your search of a marketing consultant.

4) Autonomy

The whole point of hiring a freelance consultant is for both parties to work autonomously. Getting a freelance marketer on board is not supposed to disrupt your schedule or delay your work, and the successful consultant should be able to work on their own. Ideally, get all cards on the table from the first meeting while keeping an open line for back-and-forth communication on essential and sensitive elements of the project, but save most of the feedback for weekly catch ups.

5) Approach

You will need your freelance marketing consultant to be confident in the project and have a ‘hands-on’ approach and a ‘can do’ attitude to save time and get RoI. Discuss your freelance marketer’s approach in your initial conversation to make sure you have similar work philosophies and ethics, almost like you would for an in-house employee.

Hiring a freelance marketing consultant can save your business time and money when it comes to pressing projects that need a fast delivery. On top of these 5 tips, write down your own essentials checklist to specify what you are looking for. This will not only help you find the right consultant, but will also increase chances for a long-lasting collaboration.

Originally posted on the Jennifer Hakim Communications blog.