OK, so you’ve seen the light and realize inbound marketing is the best way to attract high quality leads into your sales funnel. Your website is optimized and you are diligent about creating new and interesting content. Prospects and leads are flowing in but your total contact pool is still a little shallow. What can you do? Actually, you can do a lot! Here are five simple steps to expand your lists.

1.    HubSpot Prospect Analytics – Watch your prospect analytics and make sure you have contacts at the most interested organizations on your list. See a company thoroughly checking you out? Do a little digging to understand who’s most likely the source and add them to your list!

2.    Attendee Lists – This may sound obvious but if you’ve exhibited at a conference or tradeshow, make sure to get the attendee list from the sponsor association. You may need to append the list to get their emails but it is well worth the effort.

3.    Subscribers – Make sure you have a “subscribe” button on your website and blog to give visitors the opportunity to continue receiving your new content. If you have a HubSpot license, these subscribers are automatically added to your list. (Note, if you have segmented lists, make sure you assign them appropriately).

4.    Sweepstakes/Contests – Conduct a simple contest on your website and promote it via your social media channels. You’ll now have a brand new pool of contacts to add to your lists. Yes, some will be worthless but you might just find a few gems!

5.    Purchased Lists – There are countless sources that will sell you lists based on your target criteria. Some of the best are offered through InfoUSA, Hoovers and Dunn & Bradstreet.