Despite some slow signs of economic recovery, things are still pretty bad in the real estate real estate video marketing toolsmarket. There are some good reasons to think things are rebounding, given that we’re seeing home sales reaching five-year highs and foreclosures hitting similar lows. However, that leaves a lot of realtors out there who are still hurting.

If times are rough for you, it may be time to consider investing in new real estate marketing tools. The entire marketing landscape has shifted substantially since the housing bubble popped. Yet, realtors in general seem to have been slow to embrace new marketing methods even in bad times.

If you want to make the most of the rebound we’re (hopefully) entering, better real estate marketing tools may be the key.

Let’s take a look at a few common scenarios, and why someone in them would want to look towards new marketing methods to improve their sales.

You Might Need Better Real Estate Marketing Tools If…

…You’re not getting as many showings: Showing off houses is the bread and butter of the real estate business. Very few people are willing to purchase a property based only on a few photographs. However, given the glut of houses still on the market, getting people to visit your properties may be tough.

In this case, investing in online interactive video may be just the thing. By putting up full videos of the properties, you’ll be able to give prospective buyers a much better look at the house. Plus, online video can be viewed by anyone, anywhere around the world. It makes finding non-local buyers far easier.

…Your website hits are flat.

Your website is likely one of the main hubs of your realty business, since that’s where you list everything you’re selling. You want to be constantly trying to send more traffic to your website, since that’s the most reliable way of getting them interested in your properties.

You might want to consider investigating Search Engine Optimization services, to help your realty business become more prominent on Google. More people finding you through online searches will turn directly into more showings and sales.

…You want to better understand your market.

Online marketing has produced a wealth of statistical analysis techniques, generally called analytics, which are used to generate precise reports on the beliefs and behaviors of your customers. With some website data along with social media information or information in your leads database, an analytics expert could discover new insights into what motivates your buyers.

You don’t have to wait for the “big guys” to figure these things out for you. It’s possible for you to do it for yourself.

…No one’s subscribing to your social media.

Social media plays an important role in realty, and you should expand your use of it if you haven’t already. Don’t simply use it for self-promotion. Get people involved and talking to you about the home buying process, or what they want in a realtor. Use it to gather more information for your analytics and other market research.

It’s also the perfect place to announce Open Houses and other showings. Get enough fans and followers, and you could have quite the party the next time you want to show off a hot property.

…You want to make it through the next several years as a realtor.

We don’t mean to be melodramatic, but the marketing landscape really has changed that much. The realtors who are embracing online marketing techniques, such as social media and interactive videos are the ones who are doing best in these shaky times. Over the course of the next few years, these are the businesses that are most likely to grow and thrive.

With the industry in flux, this is a perfect time to grow your business with some new real estate marketing tools. An investment now will pay off as the years roll on.