Exciting, engaging content is a big deal.  Dynamic content creation is a major goal of inbound marketing.  According to a MarketingProfs survey, 37% of b2b marketers cite content, which is not provocative or engaging, as a barrier to effective business lead generation.  Be a provocative and engaging content creator and avoid falling into that 37%.  Effective content is the way to achieve greater business lead generation and inbound marketing success.  Generate a great marketing mix by following these 5 rules for creating content that rocks.

1.  Provide Useful, Information-Rich Content

Creating useful, information-rich content will always be appreciated.  Speak to the needs of your readers and prospective clients.  Make frequently asked questions and common business issues a focus on your company blog.  The survey found that content is deemed boring, when the main focus of content is a company’s products and service offerings.  Unfortunately, only 40% of b2b marketing agencies put out content that offers solutions to the problems of clients and prospects.  The lesson here is simple; be helpful and provide your readers with informative content, which they can put into action to solve their business challenges.

2.  Target Your Audience

You cannot please everyone at the same time.  Instead, identify your target audience and speak to their needs.  Your writing will be far more engaging and useful, if you avoid generic advice and focus on speaking to the specific needs of your readers.  To do this effectively, you need to define reader personas.   In creating personas, your readers’ biggest challenges will be uncovered.  When you are on calls or in meetings with clients, be an avid listener.  The challenges they wrestle with are likely similar to those experienced by others in their industries.  You can use these challenges as highly effective topics for content marketing.

3.  Leverage Your Content with Newsjacking

Newsjacking is about relating your content to a topic that is blowing up.  When a topic is all over television and everywhere in online news, it is clear that the topic is interesting to most people.  Right now, the Olympics spring to mind.  If you can find a way to relate your content to an exciting Olympic story, you may be able to leverage Olympic popularity to draw attention to your content.  When done effectively, newsjacking is very timely.  If a hot topic pops, and you relate to it, do not hesitate.  Be one of the first to newsjack it.

4.  Create Visually Appealing Content

People are deluged with a surplus of text and data to digest on daily basis.  Give people a break; make ample use of images and infographics.  Infographics convey a great deal of data in a compact package.  If you want your content to stand out, have an impact and be remembered, it must be visually engaging.  Images are more salient than text, and a great photo can be worth a lot.

5.  Don’t Shy Away from Humor or Shock

People love to laugh, and they also enjoy being shocked.  If appropriate, go ahead and be funny from time to time.  Shaking things up with humor will breathe new life into your content and be refreshing for your readers.  How can you shock people?  Providing surprising data is a good place to start.  The fact that only 40% of b2b marketing agencies offer content, which focuses on solving the problems of their clients and prospects, is quite shocking.  I cannot stress this enough.  Be helpful, and provide informative content.  Even if it is not shocking or funny, useful content will be appreciated and shared.  The key to new business lead generation is useful and engaging content.  Innovative Marketing Resources is available to help you with all your content needs.