Welcome to another edition of the “5 Reasons” blog series. This will be a weekly blog series, with a fresh post every Monday. Last week’s topic was “Five Reasons Your Website Isn’t Trustworthy”.

This Week’s Topic = Five Reasons You Should Consider Contests

Contests are fun! But that’s not the reason that your company should strongly consider making contests a part of your marketing strategy. Alright, it’s not the only one. If you’ve never considered a contest to be a good marketing tool, here are five reasons to reconsider.

  1. It’s news. Contests can generate widespread interest. It gives you an excuse to promote yourself in a way that’s not “spammy”. Send out a press release, write a blog post, contact local reporters or bloggers. Get the word out.
  • It’s lead generation. People that enter your contest are people that you can follow up with after the contest is over. Make sure you’re collecting information that will tell you what they’re interested in and how to best reach them.
  • It’s branding. It puts your company front and center, and ensures that more people are exposed to it than more traditional advertising would allow. And because contests are fun, they’re likely to be shared by people who enter, giving you even more exposure.
  • It’s content. Or at least it can be. Certain types of contests ask entrants to submit something; testimonials, writing, photos, etc. When you collect that, you can use it in any way you want (assuming you get permission as part of the entry process). What better way to go to market after a contest than promoting all the people who wanted to win something from you!
  • It’s relationship building. Contest winners are likely to become brand advocates for you. Maintain a good relationship with them and be sure to follow through on the prizes so that you don’t piss them off.

As always, if you have your own tips, please include them in the comments below.