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She washed you. She fed you. She dressed you.

Now, it’s time to get your mom to promote your business.

That’s right. You might be thinking your mother would be an ideal candidate to influence your next campaign.

Whether you should use her…well, we’ll see.

1. Your Mother is Your Biggest Brand advocate.

Remember when your mom told your new girlfriend about how you loved dressing as a dinosaur when you were five? Awkward, yes. But it was a positive review. And she was using it to promote you to a potential consumer.

That’s what you want from your influencer. Someone that loves your brand, and is willing to share it whenever they can.

2. Your Mother has Fantastic Brand Understanding.

She knows your favorite brand of chips. She remembers the TV show you used to watch as a kid. She buys you jumpers at Christmas in just the right size (well, except when you put on a few pounds).

Your mother knows you back to front and will be able to answer pretty much anything about you. That’s what you should expect from your best influencers. They don’t just like your brand or promote your brand, they know your brand inside and out.

3. Your Mother has Great Engagement. And Sentiment.

Everyone knows your mother. At least, that how it feels. You can’t even go to the store without having someone ask about her. And since she’s not the eccentric, sitting on a porch swearing at the neighbors type of mom, everyone loves her too.

She has fantastic engagement with her market. Not only does she interact with her community, but she drives positive sentiment from it too. In fact, engagement is often more important than reach.

4. Your Mother has a Niche Market.

Your mom probably has an extreme interest. I don’t mean extreme, as in skydiving or motorsports (though cool if that’s her thing). I mean something she takes extremely seriously. Whether that’s knitting, oil painting, photography, or dressing up her dog.

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And whatever it is, she’s probably a local expert. Her group of followers will turn to her for advice on whatever her chosen subject is. And she’ll be the one sharing the latest trends in that subject, from knitting patterns to dog hat designs.

And that’s just what you need for an influencer. Someone who’s passionate about their subject, and is a trendsetter within their community.

5. Your Mother can Beat Brand Detractors.

Remember when you were a kid, and that bigger kid would push you around in the playground. And when your mom found out, she came down upon them with unbelievably righteous fury.

Let’s just say, she’s got your back.

Not only does she advocate you, but she also disperses your brand detractors too.

You’re always going to have them, whether they’re a playground bully or a vocal YouTube critic, so you need an influencer that can dispel their negativity and back you up online.

Go, Mom!

At this point, you might be thinking of grabbing your mother and shoving her in front of a camera ready for your next YouTube campaign.

Hold on a second.

There’s plenty of reasons your mom would be a great influencer. But there’s plenty of reasons why she’d be terrible too…

  • Your Mother Isn’t Great on Social Media.

If she’s anything like mine, your mom won’t be great on social media. Yeah, she can just about cope with posting on Facebook (oh look. Another picture of the dog!). But when it comes to YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and so on, there’s no hope.

With influencers, the more media they cover, the better. Each social network engages with a different infographic, and if you want your message to diffuse across a wide spectrum of people, you need to use a variety of media.

There’s plenty of channels out there that you can use. So use someone who promotes themselves across as many as possible. That won’t be your mom.

  • Your Mother Hasn’t got a Great Reach.

Now, I don’t mean your mom has short arms. I mean, she doesn’t engage with a massive audience. Yeah, she may be interacting fantastically with your local community, but if you want to reach a wider audience, you want an influencer with a better reach.

They will open up more opportunities for content views, which leads to better brand awareness and engagement, which ultimately means more sales.

Don’t get me wrong. Reach isn’t everything. But when you’re running an influencer campaign with just one influencer, if they’re too niche, you may struggle to get it to work.

  • Your Mother’s Niche Probably Isn’t Yours.

Great. Your mom is the world’s leading expert in dog fancy dress. But how is that going to help you promote your digital marketing business?

When it comes to choosing the right influencer for your brand, you want to consider how compatible their audience is with yours.

Influencer marketing is built on consumer trust, and if your brand isn’t compatible with the influencer’s, the message will seem false. You’ll lose the trust that is so key to this style of marketing.

Make sure your audience is aligned with the message you’re distributing. This may seem obvious, but some brands get too focused on the potential reach of their campaign and forget to consider whether an influencer is suitable or not.

There you have it…

Your mom is pretty damn amazing. And although she has some of the right attributes to be an influencer for you and your business, there’s still plenty of better suggestions out there.

They’re not so easy to find. But you’ll get a better campaign from it.

Good luck in the search, and say hi to your mom for me.