Being FirstWe became a Hubspot customer about a year ago, but only after an agonizingly long and painful evaluation process that nearly drove my staff to mutiny. The Weidert team collectively attended multiple webinars, read case studies, did a 30-day trial, and downloaded presentations and tip sheets and e-books until I’m sure the folks in Boston were starting to think we were either potential competitors or really slow learners!

What finally got us to a decision to commit was thinking about the possibility that one of our closest competitors could do it before us. Thinking about that possibility quickly became much scarier than the thought of spending a little cash and a lot of people’s time and energy on something that didn’t generate positive business results. So for me personally as a small business owner, the decision became a no-brainer. If we wanted to be successful and profitably grow the business, we needed to embrace Inbound Marketing and make it our primary marketing strategy.

We embraced it so completely that within 6 weeks of becoming a customer, we became a very enthusiastic Value Added Reseller (VAR) for Hubspot.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should commit to Inbound Marketing before your competitors:

  1. The lowest hanging fruit is only there for the first one in the orchard. Which means first in should have the best ROI.
  2. If leadership and innovation are valued in your industry, nothing says it like being first with a pioneering approach. Being first has definite news value.
  3. Being first makes it easier and more likely you can execute a dominating and proprietary SEO strategy.
  4. Most good marketing partners won’t work for a client’s competitors. So if you want the prettiest girl at the dance, be the first one on the floor.
  5. While competition is a long race that never really ends, it’s easier to stay in first place if that’s where you start.

I know we have a lot of forward thinking individuals among our readers. Please share your reasons for why you should be first in your industry or market.