Inbound Marketing ExcitementIt seems like every year around this time, marketers start thinking about their plans for next year. This usually involves brainstorming about what they should do differently to fill their sales funnel and gain more customers.

A specialty manufacturer we work with is currently going through this process. Last year, we introduced them to the concept of Inbound Marketing and the tools available to help monitor their progress. While they could see the benefits, they considered themselves a very traditional company and elected to just revamp their website in 2012. Fortunately, they were open enough to the idea of Inbound Marketing to build their new site on the HubSpot platform and plan to ease into some of the activities at a later time.

Now that their revamped site is live, we recently met with the team to review some of the intel they now have access to. Here are the five things they got most excited about:

  1. Real-time lead data – As soon as a conversion is made on the site, sales reps are notified immediately of leads they can followup on today. Emails can be set up to respond immediately, leaving no opportunity for those leads to cool off, or – better yet – salespeople can reach out with a more personal email or call.
  2. Prospect data – With a website on the HubSpot platform, you can see who’s visiting your site. Not everybody is going to convert, but those just visiting are still interested and make smart additions to your prospect mailing lists.
  3. Sources metrics – HubSpot also lets you see where your prospects/leads are finding your website (social media, referral traffic, Google search, etc.) so you can reach out via those channels. This takes a lot of the guesswork out of where to distribute key messages.
  4. Conversion metrics – Because HubSpot’s dashboard allows you to understand the effectiveness of each and every one of your tactics, you have the ability to adjust based on what’s working, and what’s not, in real time.
  5. Automated nurturing – The HubSpot platform allows you to craft comprehensive campaigns and automate them so you’re hitting prospects with information they’ve indicated they’re interested in. This helps you guide them quickly down the sales funnel because they’re getting what they need to make a purchase decision.

So, when your 2013 planning discussion rolls around to “What can we do that’s new and effective?”, make sure Inbound Marketing is part of it. Despite the fact that our client describes themselves as very traditional, seeing the capabilities Inbound Marketing and HubSpot offer, they were ready to jump into the new tactics and really embrace Inbound.

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