Missing the TargetEveryone told you how amazing SMS marketing is. They explained how easy you can create campaigns for your customers and how much more money you can profit sending out these personalized messages to those who have shown interest in your products and/or services. Now you’re sitting filled with disappointment because you tried; but you failed. Why is SMS marketing working for everyone else, except for you? Perhaps you’re not taking the right approach. There is a right way and a wrong way to do things, you know.

1.    Offers

What type of offers was sent out during your SMS campaign? Unless it is a really awesome deal, how can you attract customers to your business? It is essential that you send out special offers to those who subscribe to your marketing campaigns. Make those offers available only to marketing subscribers, and ensure they are as personalized as possible. The better the deal the more people that will respond to the offer, and they are likely to tell all of their friends about your offerings, too!

2.    Advertising

If a customer doesn’t know what you offer, how can they take advantage of it? Marketing and advertising are very important when starting a SMS campaign, and until you’ve built a large enough list of customers an absolute must to put at the top of your priorities list. Make customers an offer they can’t refuse in exchange for joining. Many companies choose this time to give away a freebie…even if it is a free drink on their visit. Use all available avenues to market your SMS list, and make a captivating headline for all of your marketing efforts. Social media, websites, blogs, billboards, storefronts –take advantage of them all.

3.     Call-to-Action

Every SMS marketing campaign that you create should have a call-to-action. Without it, the risk of failure is great, and if you failed to provide this with your messages it could very well be why you are missing out today.  A call-to-action is nothing more than a prompt that explains what you want customers to do next. This could be redeem a coupon, visit your store or bring friends to your SMS marketing campaign.

4.    Lack of a Mobile Website

Those offers that are sent to customers are usually researched more carefully with a visit to your website (from their smartphone, of course.) They want to know everything possible about your company and the offer, and without a mobile website, this is impossible. Same scenario for a poorly-designed mobile site. Take the special time and attention needed to create a mobile site, and one that rocks!

5.    You Had no Plan

When implementing SMS marketing for your business it is essential that you do not go in blindly. You must have a plan in place before the first advertisement is placed or the first message is sent out. Without a plan how can you succeed? Taking it day-by-day with your business, or SMS marketing, is not an option when you want to increase revenue and profits.

Try, Try Again

Could it be one of the 5 above mentioned reasons that your SMS marketing campaign failed? In all likelihood it is, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot revive yourself and your campaign and try again. The statistics for SMS marketing are astronomical, and it really works. In fact, studies report that SMS marketing messages are read by 85% of people they are sent to, and within a time frame of just three minutes! But, for it to work and provide the benefits that you want, you must know how to work your campaigns. Else you’re not going to make it.