You haven’t got one. That maybe blunt, but it could well be true. Amazingly there are still some businesses out there who are not using the mighty mobile to further develop and help their business. And there are some who are plainly just doing it badly.

When you ready up your captain and prepare for your mobile marketing voyage, you need to decide what your objectives are, what you want to achieve and ultimately why you are starting your voyage in the first place.

Here are just a few of the things that mobile marketing can really help you with…

Mobile marketing is fantastic for bringing in those sales. With a 98% open rate compared to just 22% for emails – the sales return on investment with mobile marketing can absolutely smash email marketing out of the park.

Sending offers and news on your products and services can bring huge amounts of sales that you could only dream of – which is big retailers use it every single day!

Appointment Reminders
Missed appointments cost businesses millions and millions of pounds every year, it’s easy to forget about an appointment – but not with mobile marketing. Send your customers a simple little reminder text message – you know they will get it and you know they will read it.

SMS surveys
Customer feedback can be very important and help you improve and develop your business. Feedback should be used for discovering what you are good at, as well as where you can improve. But customers don’t want to answer feedback questionnaires on the phone, they don’t want to fill out long forms, but they are more than happy to answer simply, conveniently and quickly by text message.

There are many, many more uses for mobile marketing.

Below in this free guide, it explains why your mobile marketing plan stinks and it explains exactly why you should be using mobile marketing – and why you should be starting sooner, rather than later!

Read the story of mobile phone company Nokia, and how they ended up losing as a business by not adapting with the times – Adapt or become irrelevant and lose to your competition.