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You know professional help is available to boost the performance of your postcard marketing. But you may not be aware of all the types of help you can get. Here are five you’ll want to put to use right away:

1. Call tracking.

You could keep a notepad by the phone and run a tally on the number of people who respond to your postcard’s “call us” message, but that’s strictly old school – a time-waster that is easy to forget, leaving you with inaccurate information. Instead, a full-service postcard marketing service can easily set you up with a dedicated toll-free number to use for your marketing campaign. (Or you can choose a number with your own area code, to maintain your local identify with prospects.) When postcard recipients call, they are automatically routed to one of your regular numbers, so the transaction is seamless for them. On your end, there are distinct benefits:

  • You can log in any time to see how many calls you have received and when, by day and time, so you can plot trends.
  • You can choose to record calls, allowing you to listen to conversations and work with your staff to improve conversions.

2. True custom design.

Filling in a template with your name, logo and details is not the level of customization required for direct mail marketing success. Pre-designed postcards, by their very nature, are not up to the job your marketing must do to help your business grow and prosper.

Top-quality postcard marketing companies offer individual design services to create a postcard unique to your business and marketing campaign goals. Instead of looking like dozens of other postcards, yours will set you apart from the competition with irresistible visual appeal and messaging that resonates with your recipients and inspires them to respond.

3. Handling those pesky details.

Do you really want to waste time sorting and preparing your postcards for delivery to the post office and filling out the necessary paperwork? If you get it wrong, you could pay more for your postage, or if you really get it wrong, the post office will reject your mailing and you’ll have to start over. Save time and enjoy total peace of mind by letting your postcard mailing pros handle these details for you. There’s a bonus benefit, too: they will store your supply of additional postcards for your next mailing.

4. Companion brochures.

For some types of businesses, mailing brochures can be a valuable component of a postcard-based marketing campaign. Brochures provide additional information to build trust and interest among prospects. A full-service mailing company can produce both mailer types, so you get coordinated design and messaging and the mailing process itself is more convenient, too.

5. Mailing list assistance.

The results you get from direct mail are only as good as your mailing list. It is essential to zoom in on the right people so your message and offer resonate clearly and urgently. That requires using relevant demographic and geographic selection characteristics. You may be surprised to learn all the ways you can “drill down” to create exactly the right list for your audience segment and specific campaign, whether your targets are:

  • Consumers
  • New homeowners
  • New residents
  • B2B

Dozens of selection criteria are available for free, others may have an associated fee but enable very specific targeting like pet ownership, mail order buyer or teachers. Getting professional help also ensures your list will be accurate and up to date, because the best postcard marketing services use only the most reliable, top-quality sources such as Dun & Bradstreet and Acxiom. They may even offer a guaranteed delivery rate that underscores their confidence in your list.

Every detail matters. Knowing what postcard marketing services are available enables you to take advantage of all the help you can get. And that is sure to dramatically improve your results.