My July Marketing Calendar is out and I wanted to give you a sneak peek as to why it is such a valuable marketing tool, especially if you struggle on social media, with getting publicity or just promoting your business in general. So below are 5 of the 93 ideas, tips, and tactics in this month’s calendar.

5 Must-Do Marketing Ideas For July

  1. Who doesn’t watch Netflix these days? Every month when Netflix updates its listings, it trends huge on social media. One of my calendar tips this month is to tweet out something about your favorite @Netflix show because they are very good are retweeting compliments, which puts your business name in front of their 1.42 million followers.
  2. Now is the time to be pitching to print magazines to get into fall editorial. Magazines will be writing about fall fashion, fall food, fall entertaining, fall decor, fall weddings, fall shows, fall movies, you name it. So come up with a fall-theme story pitch that involves your business.
  3. Creative Market is amazing! They give free goods away on their website including fonts, icons and graphics that you can use in your marketing. This is just one of many insider tips I uncover for you each month in my calendar.
  4. Two big events this month that will trend well on social media are Shark Week and Comic-Con. I give suggestions on how your business can get noticed when these hash tags are trending.
  5. Remember my post a couple of weeks back, 5 Ways to Promote Your Business at Summer Events? Well, in July’s calendar I remind you to take advantage of free advertising on your car (and your family and friends’ cars) by having a cardboard windshield sun visor made that displays your logo and url.

Download my July Marketing Calendar here!

Have A Marketing Question?

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