As marketers it is important our marketing is unique, creative and ultimately yields results. Look no further than Cristiano Ronaldo. The former World and European Player of The Year has an excellent track record of performing to a high standard and boasting an impressive goals to games ratio. Learning from this football superstar can not only make you rethink your marketing but can potentially enhance your marketing efforts.

  1. Synergy – It is no secret that Cristiano Ronaldo’s high profile relationship with Irina Shayk has made Ronaldo even more marketable. With this in mind, it is beneficial for companies to forge a synergistic relationship with a brand of a similar stature. For example, Toyota and Ford have recently collaborated to reduce carbon emissions and have been praised for their combined efforts.
  2. Style & Substance – Cristiano Ronaldo has maintained a perfect balance between style and substance. It is essential your brand differentiates itself through pizzazz and at the same time ensuring your core objectives are met. 
  3. Vision – Cristiano Ronaldo has always had a clear vision to be the best. He once said “…it is my intention to be the best”, When your marketing team shares this vision and focuses on achieving it; your marketing will ooze excellence. Effective planning, execution and constantly bettering competitors plays an important role.
  4. Utilize Facebook and Twitter – Cristiano Ronaldo values his fans and keeps them well informed on Facebook and Twitter. Utilizing social media effectively, enables you to create long and lasting relationships with your customers. See my previous article 5 Ways to Appeal to Twitter Followers.
  5. Exceed Expectations – Cristiano Ronaldo is known to exceed expectations and scored a staggering forty two goals for Manchester United in the 2007-2008 season. The key to Ronaldo’s success is consistency. Improving all aspects of your extended marketing mix and focusing on consistently, plays a fundamental role in exceeding customer expectations.