5 Marketing Technology Stories you might have missed

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MT5 Edition: #62

Stories This Week: Texting declines, Agile Marketing, what Ads are effective?, mobile payments takes a step back, must have social tools

1. OMG! Text messaging in decline for the first time

[cNet] A wireless industry research report says both messaging revenue and total volume declined in the third quarter in the U.S., a first for both.

My Take: Apps like Apple’s iMessage and social networks (e.g. Facebook and Twitter) are stealing traffic from traditional SMS based communications. Thank gawd. Never a huge fan of texting.

2. 10 key principles of agile marketing management

[ChiefMarTec] In a nutshell, agile marketing adapts management methodologies from agile software development (and agile project management) and applies them to marketing teams.

My Take: I learned about Agile Marketing at the recent Inbound Marketing Summit where Scott Brinker and Frank Days were on a panel

Agile Marketing

Agile Marketing

Old School Advertising Preferred

Old School Advertising Preferred

3. Consumers, Marketers Disagree on Effective Ads

[eMarketer] Internet users think TV ads are more effective than online placements
My Take: Trying to unpack this….a cynical view is internet don’t want ads polluting their playground. That makes sense especially when, until recently, online advertising has been so “ham handed”. However, when viewing Ad viewing through the user experience the differences come to the surface.
  • Print magazines are a “lean back” activity. Consumers flip through them while killing time or relaxing in general. People pick up a magazine when they have a few minutes to themselves and while in “lean back” mode they are more open to an Advertising message.
  • Online is a “lean forward” activity – especially when considering mobile. When online, people are in task mode. They are trying to get something done and online Ads interrupt their activity and potentially cause the user to lose their train of thought. Very frustrating.

These lines blur a bit when considering online digital magazines and in this case I feel the tactile experience of print wins over the screen experience.

4. Why plastic cards aren’t going away in mobile payment future

[GIGAOM] Google is reportedly poised to follow PayPal’s lead by introducing a plastic payment card. The moves show that payment systems can find value in plastic cards, which can be accepted everywhere and can get around hardware limitations that hold back some technologies like NFC.

My Take: At first this was a head scratcher – why are tech companies taking a step back to analog solutions instead of pressing digital? David Talach, vice president of strategic partner development at point of sale equipment vendor VeriFone, says:

“This is about smart companies making smart moves to use what exists today, quickly leverage that and bridge to mobile and NFC tomorrow,” he said.

5. 24 Must-Have Social Media Marketing Tools

[SoMeExaminer] I like tools….you like tools. And this is a good, up to date list.

My Take: Pay attention to Pocket. Stephanie Simmons uses Pocket the way I do. It integrates well with Buffer.