Cyber Monday is so popular that it’s evolving into an entire Cyber Week. An entire week where online shoppers have their eyes glued to their screens just waiting for the perfect gift at the perfect price.

It’s the also the perfect opportunity to promote your new and amazing product. And you don’t have to use up all your marketing budget promoting one item. Instead, use your marketing budget to drive visitors to your site and use cheaper methods to highlight your newest product.

1. Make it a DoorBuster

This is the most obvious way to bring excitement and attention to your new product during your Cyber Monday promotions. Customers want a good deal, but they also want the perfect gift. Use taglines like “Save on Family Fun” or “Impress the Boss” in your doorbuster graphics. Since it’s a new product, explain who would love it as a gift and why they need to buy it right this second.

2. Share Fun Holiday Visuals

We all love social media, but no one will share a boring picture of your product – no matter how amazing it may be. Instead, spice things up with holiday visuals (including video if you’re able) of people using your product.

People will respond and engage with wacky or funny visuals more than boring product pics. Let’s say you’re trying to promote a new snowboard. Who wouldn’t want to share a pic of snowboarding Santa to all their snowboarding friends?

3. Exclusive Subscriber Only Discounts

Cyber Monday isn’t just about sales. It’s also an opportunity to grow your list and lay the foundation for more sales next year. In How to Promote a Product in 10 Different Ways, Kristen Runvik explains:

“While offering discounts is controversial, they can work if you use them in a smart way and build them into your business strategy. If you want to build your email list because you want to share and sell your product, providing a discount code for opting in can be a great way to build your list and grow your bottom line.”

Try offering an awesome discount for your new product when customers opt into your email list. Not only will you make a few sales, you’ll also gain the opportunity to connect with them in the future.

4. Share Testimonials

As a new product, your item may not have a lot of usable feedback and testimonials. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait until next year to leverage positive reviews. In 5 Instagram Hacks Big Brands Are Using To Grab Users’ Attention, Brooke Sellas suggest how you can use Instagram to share testimonials:

“Showcase customer testimonials by sharing their UGC (user-generated content), such as a picture of themselves with your product, a product shot, and their testimonial as a text-only image with your branding”

Send your most loyal fans your new product either free or at a huge discount. Specially ask them for a positive review and to share that on your social media platforms during Cyber Week. It only costs you the wholesale price of the product and you get a great opportunity to build your brand’s image.

5. Create Gift Guides

Holiday gift guides are the easiest and cheapest way to lead customers to the perfect gift. You literally tell them who would love it and why they should buy it. This works well for anyone who hates shopping or has run out of good gift ideas.

Sort and label your gift guide to highlight your new product as the perfect gift. You can even create a gift guide of the “latest” or “hottest” new products available.

Think Cheap, But Effective Promotions This Cyber Monday

You have a limited marketing budget. Maybe the majority is spent on Google Ads driving users to your website. Or you’re using Facebook marketing to increase clicks each day. Not to mention the sales copy, landing pages, and marketing automation software costs…

Marketing can be expensive, but your new product promotions don’t necessarily have to be. Use your marketing money wisely to funnel people to your site and then use cheaper (but effective!) ways to promote your new product.

Have fun and try something different with your new product. With the right strategy and planning, it may become next year’s best seller.