Data is the backbone of any marketing campaign regardless of whether it’s PPC, email or content marketing campaign. Data helps find out whether your marketing strategy is working well and reveal all weak points. Without data, you can’t stay on top of performance and determine which areas you should focus your efforts on.

You know that some data is more valuable than the other It is crucial to understand which metrics to use in measuring performance that can help you supercharge your marketing strategy.

Fortunately, in our digital age, there are a bunch of analysis tools available to marketers. Some of them are free with limited options; others are subscription-based with a full range of functionality. Choose the ones that provide rich data you need to manage your marketing campaigns effectively. Let’s take a look at these five marketing analysis tools.

  1. SE Ranking

Improving your business without identifying your competitors can be risky. Analyzing your business competition is a crucial part of your company’s growth. Competitive analysis can help you find opportunities to manage and grow your business and be ahead of the curve. The SE Ranking Competitor Research tool is an excellent helper to figure out your main competitors, where they are getting traffic and leads, which keywords and ads they are using for paid and organic search and thus check your own marketing strategy.

The tool offers different features that allow you to monitor your competitors’ links, keywords, and content. SE Ranking’s rank tracker and website audit enable you to monitor your site for performance comparing to your competitors. The Page Changes Monitoring feature can monitor any changes in design, structure, or CTAs on the landing pages made by your rivals.

All this research can help you get valuable data and information to shape your marketing strategy. The main thing is to continually revise your work and f focus your energy on outdoing the competition.

2. Finteza

If you are looking for ways to organize your work and get your marketing results faster, you need to consider a lot of variables that can define your success. To identify the right areas you should focus on, I recommend you to turn to Finteza. It saves you time to monitor bounce rates, time on page, your top-performing web pages and traffic from specific sources.

Finteza also provides exhaustive information on the quality of traffic from Facebook Ads, Instagram Stories and users interaction with your marketing campaign. The tool analyzes and systematizes a lot of data related to all user actions on your site, such as devices and software used, visits, conversions, viewed pages, social and demographic data, etc. You can easily download your data report in CSV format. All reports are powerful and interactive.

3. Convertable

Anyone who uses web forms in their marketing campaigns needs to have more information about visitors. Convertable can be of help to you if you use web forms as one of the most effective ways to get data about your users. The tool will tell you how users come to your site, which keywords they used to find you, which web pages and how long they viewed, which devices they used, their geo-location, and others.

You can even analyze traffic from PPC ads to your landing pages through its dynamic compatibility and keyword functionality. The tool also has a smart WordPress plugin that can be valuable for bloggers to get data about their users. All of this data can help marketers to know their audience better and scale their marketing strategy.

4. Curalate

If you want to grow your business on social, Curalate will hold true for that. The tool allows you to use social content to sell online in a practical way. You can easily convert your social channels into shopping opportunities, take advantage of user-generated content and engage readers with inspiring content. The tool analyzes what customers, influencers and fans are telling about you with images and videos. You can also find out what products users share on Pinterest, Tumblr, and other platforms.

5. Pardot

According to CampaignMonitor, every $1 spent on email marketing generates $44 in return. To maximize your profit, it is essential to choose the right platform to work with. That’s where using a tool like Pardot might prove to be one of your best technology investments. Besides running email campaigns, the tool offers a lot of analytics such as click-through and open rates, the most visited landing pages, the most popular content, the most performing emails, and others. You can easily create reports and view key performance metrics for different content pieces.


Data drives smarter decisions that help marketers to better understand prospects and customers’ individual personalities. Using the right analytics tools, helps to leverage data in growing your business and pull ahead of your competitors in your industry. I hope you find these tools helpful for your marketing needs.