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What makes a true marketing leader? Is it the ability to recruit and build reliable, resourceful teams? Is it the ability to strategize and deliver? Or is it the ability to grow business and drive revenue? It’s a little bit of all of these things—but also so much more. The best leaders are able to inspire and maintain a positive group dynamic. And above all, they are able to empower and inspire their team to deliver consistent results.

To help illustrate the makings of the top marketers, refer to these five inspiring traits.

1. Ownership and accountability

Modern marketers not only know exactly how marketing directly impacts business, but how to stand up for their projects and campaigns. While more ambiguous metrics such as impressions and brand awareness may mean something to your internal team, they run the risk of being unclear to stakeholders.

The best marketing leaders understand the importance of measurement and analytics—and take ownership behind every single metric, good and bad. Not only does this help prove the value of marketing, but it helps you utilize your resources and fine-tune your approach.

2. Multi-channel capabilities

More and more agencies are adopting an integrated model. Perhaps you’ve even seen it at your organization. Rather than stick to an insular, single-minded focus, agencies are building up programs around a multichannel mindset.

That’s why the best modern marketers are well-versed—or at least, exposed—to all of the marketing channels. While they may be stacked in one channel or another, they understand the importance of building a truly integrated team.

At the end of the day, it’s not necessarily about the individual components of SEO, content, or PR. It’s about comprehensively sharing the larger brand story with a target audience and converting that audience into customers.

3. Forward-thinking

Staying on top of the ever-evolving digital landscape demands an ability to see two steps ahead. And while it’s nearly impossible to teach innovation, the best marketers understand the importance of being ahead of the bell curve.

Instead of solely focusing on current projects, the best leaders are already planning their next big move. How so? By staying on top of industry trends. By being cognizant of their team’s current resource and budget allocations. And by rallying the troops to go above and beyond and produce stellar results.

4. Motivation and empowerment

This may seem like a no-brainer. However, as managers, you’re in a position that centers on empowerment. Not only is it up to you to assemble the right team, but it’s up to you to empower your team to be the best it can possibly be.

Know what motivates every single member of your team—and how to leverage that positive energy and convert it into success. When a team is led by an inspired, encouraging leader, it’s more likely to want to work.

5. Mediation and communication

As we mentioned above, agencies are becoming increasingly integrated. As marketing becomes a driver behind IT, tech, and software-as-a-service purchasing, marketing managers have more influence on systems, processes, and software within their organizations. Because of this, cross-departmental communication is a critical capability for modern marketers.

The best marketing leaders possess excellent liaison skills to build bridges across departments. Not only do they own their team’s marketing goals and expectations, but they are aware of the demands of other departments. Above all, they are able to mediate and communicate across an entire organization.