Mobile marketing is the newest way of approaching social cohesion and 2017 will see this concept grow beyond proportions. While mobile has taken over the pedestal as the primary source of content reception, there is a slight twist to how mobile marketing should be approached— at least on an entrepreneurial scale. Therefore, if you are already working on a mobile-centric strategy for your business, reading this post can surely help you modify certain areas by monitoring the landscape in a better way.

Mobile Marketing

The popularity of smartphones can be gauged by the frequency of launches and the usage pattern— even at public places. Mobile marketing, has, therefore taken a center-stage as businesses can reach customers without having to worry about the timing. A mobile user is always alert and so should be the companies catering to him or her.

So, let’s kickstart our discussion by putting forth 5 important points for assessing and even perfecting the mobile marketing arena:

Work on Your Mobile Site

You, being a marketer, must make it a point to create a mobile-friendly website— mainly as a part of your marketing strategy. Optimizing the website for smartphones and handsets is therefore an extremely important step. The idea here is to create a responsive design which loads perfectly every time there is a visitor. Be it images or the texts— everything needs to load perfectly as a shoddy version will repel prospective customers for eternity.

Patience is yet another aspect which needs to be talked about as mobile-based consumers expect a website to load in less than 4 seconds, on an average. Therefore, the mobile-optimized website needs to get rid of unnecessary plugins and forms which can slow down the same— to a considerable extent.

If online retail is your primary focus, you need to increase the page loading speed. One approach towards the same is to opt for specialized ecommerce platforms which integrate everything into the website— from landing pages to necessary plugins.

However, if you are inclined towards setting up a blog or two— optimization is something you need to look at. Even if your content is good, gearing it up for the mobile user is paramount. Another aspect that needs to be taken into account is Google’s search ranking factor which is slightly biased towards mobile friendliness. The brewed content needs to be easy to work with and perfectly navigable.

Prioritize Social Media

According to a recently concluded research, atleast 80 percent of social media surfing is initiated via mobile handsets. These figures need to be gauged closely by the marketers who are looking to build higher levels of brand presence over LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Mobile Marketing and social presence

Apart from handling these platforms, mobile-centric marketers need to focus equally on the likes of Snapchat and Instagram— arenas which have been popularized courtesy the advent of mobile marketing. However, it must be known that presenting content over each one of these platforms can slightly differ as concentrating on ROI is what makes all the difference.

When it comes to devising the perfect mobile marketing strategy for social media, overnight results should never be expected.

Simplify the Checkout Options

If you are following a sale-centric approach, offering seamless checkouts is absolutely necessary. The idea here is to cut down on clutter by reducing the size of forms and other distractions on the way. One such example would be the famous ‘1-click option’ from Amazon.

Marketers, reliant on the mobile-based marketing should opt for the one-page checkout rule besides adding something like a progress indicator which is visually helpful to the viewers. Another idea would be to integrate the likes of Google Wallet or the PayPal interface for seamless transactions. More often than not the need to register kills off the enthusiasm of a user and ecommerce websites must keep the same in mind. Another set of researches have suggested that at least 23 percent of prospective customers halt the purchase when asked to create a new account.

Moreover, if the user is buying something over the mobile, the checkout options need to be simplified further.

Adding Coupons and Receipts

Coupons, as a matter of face, are exciting to avail. Recent reports suggest that at least 96 percent of Americans login via their mobile handsets, in search of better bargains. While mobile marketers can easily incorporate coupons into the scheme of things, certain ones are given out upon registering for a given cause.

The idea here is to understand the target audience and act accordingly.

Next hack involves offering online receipts for every possible transaction. Receiving texts and mails—showcasing the billing information is extremely desirable but an overlooked aspect of mobile marketing. Not just the American contingent but the global consumer arena is also adopting this neglected aspect of mobile marketing— featuring E-challans, E-Receipts and other electronic billing solutions.

Testing Extensively

The mobile ecosystem is changing constantly and the best bet for the marketers would be to consolidate and keep on testing for newer possibilities. Mobile marketing is definitely a raging bull when it comes to traction and brand value but the techniques need to be checked frequently for redundancy.

Moreover, the website and social platforms catered over the mobile handsets need to be optimized for each and every device— with speed, interfacing, memory and resolution being the primary factors. Lastly, browser testing is one overlooked concept and should be treated with respect. At the end, it all pans down to how the content is presented across myriad platforms. While anything undercooked in a felony, lack of proper accommodation is something which can actually terminate a mobile marketing strategy much before its inception.

Bottom Line

When it comes to the present and future of online marketing, the mobile ecosystem is a force to reckon with. Therefore, it is advisable that even the most conventional marketers adopt the mobile-centric path as it would be impossible for them to thrive without adding the same to their marketing arsenal.

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