Here are 5 holiday marketing facts that will blow your mind.

5 Holiday Marketing Ideas

It’s Game Time.

This is the time of year marketers dream of… this is the time of year that can make or break a business. The numbers around the holiday shopping season are staggering.

Did you know the NRF expects holiday retail sales in November and December to grow to almost $720 BILLION!

Yes $720 Billion.

As a business owner, your customers are in a buying mood.

This is the time of the year to offer them exactly what they want… and grow your business.

I believe if you do it right, you could double the size of your business in this season alone. I know of some small businesses that are expecting to sell millions of dollars of product on black friday alone!

It’s a buying frenzy!

How can you get a piece of this action?

Here Are Five Holiday Marketing Tips…

Tip number one… Do Something!

Right now there is a buying frenzy going on. eMarketer is expecting holiday sales to increase more than 15% this year. And total spending is expected to reach $720 Billion.

Your customers are looking for reason to buy. Give it to them.

Look, I know you are busy. You probably didn’t have time to put together a 3 month holiday marketing plan like some Fortune 500 businesses do. You probably don’t have a staff of 30 planning your social media marketing strategy for the holidays.

But, just because you haven’t been planning for this holiday season doesn’t mean you give up.

Being a scrappy small business owner is about doing things quickly… that gets results.

So, I want you to take 20 minutes right now and do something.

Write up and schedule 5 text messages to go to your VIPs, customers, and prospects.

Tell them about a new product or service, offer them a discount, toss in a holiday bonus. Don’t overthink this… just give your customers a reason to buy… and do it now.5 Holiday Marketing Ideas

Then do the same thing on Email… Then do the same thing with a few Google Ads. And if you’re really on a roll, toss in a few Facebook ads too!

Something as simple as a holiday gift guide that includes a selection of your favorite items can be effective at driving additional sales!

Just do something, so you can grab your slice of this huge holiday spending pie.

And that brings me to tip number two…

If you’re going to market your business, market the right way!

Here’s a stunning fact that will make your brain spark…

Did you know in 2017 more than 40% of November and December sales were from a mobile device, like a smartphone? Yes a MOBILE DEVICE was used in 40% of online sales!

And that number is expected to grow in 2018.

So, if you’re going to do some marketing this holiday season, market in the right way. Reach out to customers and prospects on their mobile devices.

Now you can accomplish this with advertising on Facebook… or developing and marketing an app… or even by calling people on their phone.

But the best way to reach people is with a text message.

The good old text message is a perfect way to reach out to your customers and let them know about the products you’re offering for sale.

And that leads me to tip number 3…

You MUST market at the right time to be effective.

5 Holiday Marketing Ideas

What do I mean by that?

Think about it… if you get an ad at 8:00 am for a special dinner promotion… by dinner time, it’s forgotten. You don’t look for Friday event ideas on Monday morning.

So, if you’re going to send out special offers to your customers, time the delivery just right.

With text message marketing, you can schedule messages to go out at very specific times… and that will increase the impact of your offer!

Consider this crazy statistic.

According to Criteo, mobile usage for buying holiday goods peeks just before and just after work hours.

It makes sense right. People have to work, and their buying habits show it!

When you do your marketing, make sure to send your messages at the right time… when people will see them, and take action.

Now tip number 4 is an easy one…

Don’t stop your holiday marketing efforts early.

I can’t believe I’ve got to say this, but don’t stop.

No matter how good or bad your holiday selling season is going, don’t stop offering deals and ideas and special promotions.


Because last-minute shoppers make up nearly 30% of online holiday sales!

Yes, we all like to procrastinate, but apparently it’s a national obsession during the holidays! A full 30% of sales happen at the last minute…

5 Holiday Marketing Ideas

So, don’t you dare stop your marketing early.

Simply plan to be selling up until the very last minute of the shopping season, you can thank me later!

And now for holiday marketing tip number 5…

Your Marketing DOES NOT END just because Christmas is over.

This final tip is going to be a shocker to most marketers…

Frankly, this is the biggest mistake most marketers make over the holiday season. They think the Holiday finish line is Christmas day… and nothing is farther from the truth.

The “Final Week” – between Christmas and New Year… is prime time for holiday sales of a different type.

In the final week, customers are looking for two distinct things… the “Deals” and “Buying things for themselves.”

5 Holiday Marketing Ideas

So, don’t you dare stop marketing after Christmas. Change up your ad copy and start running new offers focused on those two critical themes… the “Deals” and “Buying things for themselves.”

Continue marketing through the holiday season and into the NEW YEAR, and you’ll be able to squeeze every sales possible from this record setting buying frenzy!

Text Marketing For Your Business This Holiday Season!

If you want to use text message marketing to promote your small business, we wrote a special report just for you… “The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Marketing”

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Remember text message marketing is a very powerful tool that small businesses use to grow customer interaction and sales this holiday season. It’s a cost effective way to communicate with your prospects, customers, VIPs, and employees!

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