Let’s face it; without conversions, your business will flop. Thankfully, the digital age offers a number of options that entrepreneurs can use to increase their visibility and gain leads, with the hope of conversion.

A sales page has the potential to bring success to your business by drawing in qualified leads and inviting them to convert.

If you have a sales page, you want to optimize it in order to have the highest amount of conversions possible. Many business owners create a page that is lacking in relevant content but has a simple call to action, then wait for the sales to roll in. Unfortunately, this approach fails to understand today’s consumers and the real power that a sales page can have.

You can gain the greatest benefit from your sales page by following these 5 genius hacks from the experts:

1. Personalize the Benefits

Daniel Doan, the Principal Copywriter at Doan Consulting Group, teaches that turning a generic or commoditized offer into something that is personalized and genuine is essential.

Doan states that doing so, “elevates something that would be a commodity into something credible, valuable, and personal. For example… (with) ‘Our protein-packed, satiating snack pack, perfect for the muscle-building fitness junkies,’ suddenly, your potential customer is transported to a gym. They’re having a blast, living their best healthy lifestyle…all thanks to your product!”

Personalizing the benefits allows you to use the credibility of your brand in order to highlight personalized attributes of your offering, making what would be a commoditized product unique. This creates a better brand experience which leads to more sales.

2. Get Ultra Specific About the Audience’s Pain and Desires

The founder of Statement Piece Studio, Hillary Weiss espouses the idea that you simply must become as specific as possible with your target market. You need to know where they are, what their pain points look like, and how you provide their perfect solution.

Weiss advises, “Don’t just ask yourself what your customer’s struggling with, or what their goals are. As yourself what it looks like in their day to day, how does this problem or goal show up when they get up in the morning, get dressed, drive to work, do their job, come home, eat dinner, and go to sleep? How does it creep into their day to day tasks?”

Getting ultra specific allows you to reach right to their heart and their head, painting a picture of why your solution is the best one for them. You get to provide relevance, connection, empathy, and demonstrate how deeply you understand them. When they feel heard and understood, they are far more likely to become your customer.

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3. Lead with the Power Phrase

One of the favorite hacks of Erin Sanchez, the founder of Candidly Erin, is starting a sentence with a power word or phrase such as, “Imagine….,” or, “What if…?” The idea is to invite your audience to step inside the scenario that you are creating for them in your copy.

“Visualizing is incredibly powerful because your subconscious mind doesn’t necessarily distinguish between imagination and reality. So, if you tell your readers, ‘Imagine lounging by the pool on a Monday morning instead of sitting in another boring staff meeting,’ their brains will essentially transport them poolside,” says Sanchez.

You will strike gold if you paint a mental picture of the desired outcome your prospect has. Show them their desires and your conversion rate will rise.

4. Preframe Your Readers

Launch Strategist, Samantha Justine likes to focus on the things that happen before your leads get to your sales page. She teaches that people won’t click on your sales page unless you convince them that you are offering something that can give them the results they are looking for.

In order to do that, she suggests prefaming your audience. By doing so, you are ensuring that your sales page copy won’t have to be very lengthy to convince them to purchase, because they’re already converted when they click on the page.

Justine explains, “One of the things that I love doing is creating free mini-challenges. And it’s not just any type of challenge. These mini-challenges are geared to give my target audience quick wins. Once they’re able to get results out of the free challenge, they’re already convinced that what I have to offer on the Sale Page, can get them bigger wins and results. It works every time.”

5. Assemble it Correctly

Copywriter Megan Kachigan, advises people not to write from a blank page, but instead to assemble their work with a lot of research. Once they have assembled their information they put together their copy by focusing on primary points, benefits, and sub headlines that tell the full story. This helps to ensure that you will capture the attention of consumers who will mostly skim sales pages.

Kachigan says, “You want the sub headlines to stand out, bigger font, bold, and allow them to tell the full story and message of what you’re trying to get across. And then the paragraphs underneath will elaborate on that.” She also advises to use bullet points because people perceive bullet points as something valuable. They help to build excitement and desire in the customer.