Webinars are one of my favorite unicorn marketing hacks.

They are an amazing way to give your audience valuable content, all while boosting your own authority and visibility.

Webinars drive sales and company growth — especially for B2B companies.

My company, MobileMonkey, held its first virtual marketing conference made up of six webinars last month, and our turnout was incredible.

Ten thousand people signed up for the summit and we saw a direct increase in our Messenger marketing software.

Here, I’ll share 5 tactics we use to promote webinars and conferences to skyrocket event attendance!

1. Make the Topic Stand Out

You can promote a webinar all you want, but if the topic isn’t useful or interesting, no one’s going to sign up.

Brainstorm about what topics will be most useful to your audience.

The best webinars will provide unique solutions and actionable tips.

Research other webinars that are covering similar topics to your own, and find ways to bring even more information to the table and make it stand out.

2. Optimize Your Web Registration Page

Registration is a must!

Collecting email addresses is essential for keeping track of attendees, and gives you a mailing list to follow up with down the road.

To get people to provide their email addresses, make sure to have a seamless web registration page that people can find right away.

Make sure the registration page is a simple and easy-to-fill form that registers them for the webinar as soon as they click on the join/register button.

Add a prominent button with the registration link to your sight, and make it easy to share socially.

3. Collect Sign-ups via Facebook Messenger

You can also have people register through Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger has sky-high engagement, with an average open rate of 80% within the first hour.

With Facebook Messenger chatbots, you can easily deliver a registration form right through Messenger.

Messenger forms are mobile-optimized, so people can register from their phone or tablet with ease.

4. Follow Up with Automated Messages on Facebook Messenger

Now that you’re connected on Facebook Messenger, you can use a chatbot to follow up with registrants.

You can send automated messages giving them updates about the webinar, share the agenda, announce new co-hosts or guests, etc.

You can even send a round of messages right before the webinar to conveniently remind them it’s about to start and drive up attendance!

5. Identify the Best Time to Run a Webinar

Since you’ll have attendees across time zones, schedule your webinar at a time when your guests will be most likely to tune in.

For example, starting at 8 a.m. ET will probably result in low-attendance from people on the West Coast, where it will still be 5 a.m. PT.

Where do you anticipate your attendees viewing from?

Identify the primary time zones in which you expect viewers, and try to choose a time that will work across the board.

Originally Published on Inc.com