We’re looking for cutting-edge digital marketing talent!

The demand for cutting-edge marketing talent is at an all-time high. The developments in digital have created a vast emergence of new roles in marketing. However, not many marketing professionals have skills quite sophisticated enough to declare themselves as masters of these new disciplines.

In order to stay ahead of the curve, marketers must polish up their skill sets to gear up for the era of digital before it’s too late.


Digital Marketing Headhunters’ Top New Roles Marketers Should Keep an Eye On

What are the new emerging roles that digital marketers who want to stay on the cusp of innovation and digital should pay attention to?

Chief Marketing Technologist

As digital marketing headhunters, the CMT is one of the most notable roles emerging within the marketing space and within organizations who conduct a digital executive search to propel their innovative efforts.

It’s specifically designed to ensure businesses are effectively leveraging the latest technology and tools to maximize ROI from marketing spend. The CMT is at the center of digital transformation, and organizations simply have no choice but to integrate one into their org structure to stay ahead.

Skills needed to succeed: mastery of identifying emerging martech, implementing technology to align with business goals, serving as a liaison to IT, and being an agent of innovation for marketing.

Machine Learning Engineer

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The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) drives the need for professionals who are capable of managing such applications like Machine Learning. The emergence of Machine Learning is an important piece that further drives the progression of AI.

Machine Learning is going to increasingly become an important development that helps brands optimize personalized content and better target their core audience. Marketers who are highly technical and can support such sophisticated technology will be sought out by businesses who strive to keep up with digital.

Skills needed to succeed: machine learning algorithms, technical competence in statistics and engineering-related skills, and fundamental computer science and programming knowledge.

Chief Experience Officer

The demand for CXOs is growing rapidly, and with reason. According to IDC, 40 percent of Chief Digital Officers will report to CXOs by 2020. Consumers are at the center (or at least should be) of any brand and marketing strategy. So, why wouldn’t there be an executive leader in charge of completely owning the customer experience?

The CXO ensures the customer experience from the initial engagement to the end of business is seamless and manageable throughout the whole process.

Skills needed to succeed: expert analytical and design skills, leading digital transformation, and in-depth understanding of the consumers and their behavior.

Bot Developer

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As digital marketing headhunters, we recognize that more brands are now utilizing messaging platforms and chatbots to enhance their engagement with consumers.

Bots have transformed the way brands tell a story, engage with audiences, and facilitate support. They provide personalized and private conversations between brands and customers, and offer a goldmine of customer data that can be used to further enhance the user experience.

The most sophisticated bots are powered by AI, but need extensive human support to reach proper potential. If you’re looking for a new and exciting discipline to go after, chatbots are a niche with great opportunity.

Skills needed to succeed: background in computer science; competence in design, engineering, programming, linguistics, and natural language processing.

Voice Skills Developer

Voice search and AI is on the verge of being a development brands can’t ignore if they want to optimize their efforts in search marketing and SEO.

Technologies like Amazon’s voice service Alexa and Google Assistant give way to the impact voice recognition has on consumers and brands, and brands must adjust to them. Marketers who tap into the voice search trend early on have a great opportunity to become masters of this discipline.

Skills needed to succeed: background in linguistics and/or computer science, familiarity with programming in JavaScript or Python, knowledge of natural-language processing and search algorithms.

Closing Words

Thanks to rapid developments in the digital marketing space, roles are changing and evolving faster than ever. As digital marketing headhunters, we recognize that the digital skills gap is increasing in today’s talent pool as the speed of technology is surpassing the supply of human skills.

In order to stay ahead, marketing professionals must sharpen up their skill to place themselves at the forefront of cutting-edge talent. Or else, they risk getting left behind in a world where digital waits for no one.

We’re looking for cutting-edge digital marketing talent!

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