Using outbound marketing strategy like pay-per-click does not fetch very good results. You have to push your message across to your customer but customers do not respond to these most of the time. Since these outbound marketing strategies are not very successful, you can use inbound marketing strategies to expand your business.

To attract customers through this method, you don’t have to be directly involved. You share your products online via videos, infographic images and content-based articles on social media websites. Given below are the five steps you need to follow to develop a successful inbound marketing strategy –

  1. Find Out Your Target Customer

When you know exactly which demographic group your product is reaching out to, you will know how to develop your marketing strategy. If you are selling a product that has college students as the target audience, you can create videos and infographic images and market your product on various social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. If you have a product that will be used by professionals, you can post links and videos on job sites like LinkedIn. Find out your target audience, what they want, where they are active online and devise your marketing strategy accordingly.

  1. Start On Your Marketing Plan

Once you know the customers you are targeting, you can focus on how to get their attention. You can use inbound marketing software to integrate all your social media profiles with your website. If you use this software, you do not have to individually go and update all your sites. When you update your website, your social media pages are automatically updated.

  1. Create Your Mode Of Campaign

Inbound marketing strategies use content-based articles along with videos and images to promote your business. The type of campaign you use will depend on your target audience and how they behave online. If your target customer is more active on Twitter, then you need to create infographic images or content within 140 characters instead of a video. If your customers are active on YouTube, then you can go ahead and develop a short video.

  1. Be Active On Social Media

Merely updating your pages on social media and waiting for customers to check it is an unsuccessful successful inbound marketing strategy. If you want potential customers to share your content and visit your website, then you will have to be active on the social media. Interact with your customers, share information of other pages and ask powerful people to endorse your pages.

  1. Monitor Your Success

Always keep a tab on how your inbound marketing is working. If there are particular actions that are more favourable, point them out. You can use Google Analytics to help you monitor your success rate.

Inbound marketing is the easiest way to use the power of social media to develop your business and get a large customer base. Follow these easy steps to develop a successful marketing strategy.