marketing initiatives Marketers always have a lot on their plate. Keeping up with all the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that demand our attention is often more than a full-time job—especially if you’re a VP and you’re responsible for the overall success of your company’s marketing initiatives. Marketing VPs are constantly bombarded with new tools that promise to solve all their problems: their inboxes are full of prospecting emails. Consider this blog a handy little recommendation—these are five simple things that you and your marketing team might be overlooking that are easy to implement and make a big difference in the results you seek every day.


We’re big advocates of newsletters because we’ve seen so much success with them when it comes to our own business. Whatever frequency you choose, a recurring recap of blog posts, white papers, product updates, etc. can be extremely helpful in keeping your product or services at the top of your audience’s mind. Some marketers have leaned away from newsletters, thinking them old fashioned or too time-consuming. However, it’s a relatively minor undertaking once you build a template, so for a busy marketing professional, it wouldn’t demand too much of your time and it means continuous exposure for your content. It’s a win-win.

Referral Programs

If you don’t currently have a referral program for new customer acquisition, you should. Not only is there value for your current customers with rewards like discounts or gift cards, but theoretically you can get pointed in the direction of other customers just like those existing customers. The benefits are two-fold: your customers feel good about their relationship with your business, and you have access to customers that likely already fit your customer persona. After all, studies show that customers acquired through a referral program prove to be both more profitable and more loyal than “normal” customers.

Call Tracking

One of the things that plagues marketers most is the measurement of campaign ROI. Whether you are advertising online or offline, you need to find a way to tell which of your ad campaigns are working and which are just wasting your time and money. Call tracking is a simple, cost-effective tool that enables you to measure the success of both online and offline ads and run reports illustrating these findings. It’s an easy way to improve your marketing spend. What busy marketer doesn’t need that?

Thank You Cards

Yes, it’s old-fashioned. But yes, it makes customers and prospects feel valued. It’s a simple gesture that requires very little energy or resources but makes a big impact. Not really the old-fashioned type? Try the new-age thank you card instead: a voice broadcast. A quick recording of your voice saying whatever sweet nothings you want your customer to hear to let them know they are valued and appreciated. Not enough people say thank you these days. Say it, and mean it, and it goes a long way.

Customer Surveys

The same way you can mine your customers for referrals, you can mine your customers for new ideas and improvement to your product or service. Who better than people who are already using your business to tell you what your business needs? There may be gaps in what you provide that you were oblivious of. At Ifbyphone, we’ve gotten a lot of valuable feedback from customer surveys, from lack of understanding of certain products to a need for enhancements. It’s relatively easy to set up and send out, and the data you get back can be invaluable in framing your campaigns.

So there you have it. Five simple initiatives that even the busiest marketer can fit onto their plate—even if it’s one at a time—and improve their marketing processes. Not satisfied with these five? Download our free white paper, The Definitive Guide to Voice-Based Marketing Automation, for even more awesome initiatives you can start implementing today.

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