Use These Print Marketing Materials At Your Own Risk

print marketing materialsIn the world of marketing, finding effective and original ways to reach our audiences is paramount to any kind of success. This means rising above and beyond the traditional methods for designing, marketing and delivering your brand and providing your customers (and potential customers) with something more. In the digital age, that extra effort often includes staging some sort of internet-based project. Whether it’s designing an awesome email, creating and maintaining an impressive website or carefully crafting a great presence on social media, the internet does seem to dominate how we approach our marketing efforts.

What you might not be considering, however, is the importance of more traditional methods for appealing to your customers. Print marketing materials, or physical print versions of our marketing designs, can be a great way to communicate your brand’s design, reach new audiences and expand your appeal. Choosing the print marketing materials you utilize in your efforts can be a little challenging, however. Here are a few print marketing materials you might want to avoid.

1. Newsletter

If your company is issuing a printed version of a monthly newsletter, the effort is probably ill-placed. In the modern age, people get their information about your company and its current affairs through email and social media accounts; they simply aren’t interested in physical mail anymore, and will probably either throw your company newsletter in the garbage with their other junk mail or leave it in their mailbox untouched. Why is this? Email communication is quicker and easier for your clients and cheaper for you.

2. Brochure

If your potential customers want information about your brand or company, they’re likely going to do an internet search before anything else. Creating a brochure is an excessive marketing effort because your audience isn’t likely to value or react to a brochure, even the most well-designed ones. Unless your company is directly related to or is an historic destination and your brochure will be a keepsake for your audience, skip the effort and cost of printing and distributing brochures.

3. Mouse Pads

Do you remember back in the late nineties and early aughts when basically any company swag bag on the planet had the company logo emblazoned proudly on a mouse pad? It was an original, fun and useful marketing effort at the time, as so many people were just getting their own personal desktop computers and were in need of that perfect mouse pad to really tie everything together. Fast-forward to 2014 and very few people still rely on personal desktop computers. Most of your customers will be relying on a laptop, smartphone or tablet to interact with your brand, and a mouse pad is a wasteful and outdated print marketing effort.

4. Phone Book Advertisement

In the same way that mouse pads are irrelevant in your print marketing efforts because most of your customers aren’t using desktop computers, advertising in the phone book is irrelevant because most of your customers will use the internet to find a phone number long before they’ll even think about picking up a phone book. Unless your customer base is of a certain age demographic, don’t waste resources printing advertisements in the phone book.

5. A Bad Business Card

Business cards are still a great way to quickly share your company’s information in a networking situation. Many industry professionals simply exchange cards, and then later, when they’re ready to transfer the information on the cards they’ve collected into their phones, they use a handy app like CardMunch to make the process easier. Designing an awesome business card is one way to ensure that your company’s brand is well-represented, among both industry competitors and for your customers. Designing a run-of-the-mill, boring or outdated-looking card simply won’t do these days; incorporating a modern, effective design into your card is the only way to cut through the clutter and make your business card money go further.

Whichever road you decide to travel on your way to print marketing land, remember the importance of your company’s budget and how precious are the dollars you are spending. Doing research into the most popular, and effective, print marketing avenues can help save you money and be more beneficial to your customers by appealing to them in ways that are accessible and efficient.

photo credit: striatic via photopin cc