Managerial decisions can be labelled as many things, but most time they prove to be controversial as the more drastic and innovative they seem, the higher the rate of employees who will experience some degree of dissatisfaction.

Although the “management is always right” pose is not valid to date, there are also many other performance killers that can affect the natural growth of a company. Are you familiarised with them? Let’s go with the list.

1. Not Having a Clear Hierarchy

Micromanagement is one of the worse strategies you can put in place for your business. Why? Because it tends to give the wrong message to people: it shows that, by the end of the day, you trust no one but yourself. It’s okay to keep close tabs on our company and the investments we make, but this particular approach to business strategies is more harmful than effective in long term.

Let’s picture the scenario in which you have a good bunch of employees. Thus you need a manager for delegating responsibilities while you handle other important stuff. If you continually show an attitude in which you question every move your manager makes. Obviously, your employees won’t respect your manager, thus reaching you whenever they have a problem. That’s where a company lacks performance as hierarchy and responsibilities aren’t clear.

2. Not Inspiring Your Workers to Improve

The first 3-to-6 months period of an employee in a company may be blissful, as everything is rather new, with a bit of luck no rows have raised yet. Thus your employee believes there’s still a long road to walk as a member of the company. But what happens if you simply don’t care about what the new worker brings to the office?

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Many team members these days thrive for acceptance, seeking to show their knowledge and skills any chance they got as a sort of personal challenge. In few words: putting the company’s t-shirt on. If, as a manager, you fail to notice the interests of your workers and push them to improve their skills for the demand of your work, you are neglecting the potential of a good worker, plus damaging both their career and a great chance for brand development.

3. Not Having a Marketing Strategy to Follow

Though improvisation is often seen as a quality, in marketing it does not look good. Long gone are those days in which you could say whatever you wanted and then take those words back, as social media networks allow content to stay frozen for quite the long time, plus also users can screenshot your lapses. Yes, that’s perhaps one of the most acknowledged disadvantages of technology development known to date.

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As marketing isn’t just something we can play with, we need to be extra careful about the content we share through social media, the comments not just we make but also our followers (hence the need for moderating comments to avoid spam). On top of that, we ought to have a clear picture of what we desire to achieve in both short and long span, that’s the best approach to building a successful strategy.

4. Ignoring Your Current Resources

By resources, we include everything from documents to furniture but mainly machines. What one of the most prevalent attitudes people tend to show is to neglect the maintenance that our tools require not just to maximise their lifespan but also for securing its proper functionality. This is where having a Preventive Maintenance Plan becomes essential, as performing regular services to our machines lessens the likelihood of a failure, regardless of the size of the damaged piece in question.

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Though we would reach a point in which maintenance routines won’t solve our current problems, at least we can plan when to upgrade the machines we count on thanks to periodic revisions.

5. Believing We Beaten Our Competitors for Good

One of the worst performance killers and also managerial errors we can encounter is to relax and assume that just because the odds are in our favour, it means we’ve beaten our competitors for good. Though our revenues may seem unbelievable, that people are constantly talking about what we produce and we are getting not just good referrals but quality reviews over the internet, that doesn’t mean the hype is going to last forever.

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Most times, the worst failings in business’ history are linked to this sort of “confidence overdrive”, for not saying unmeasured ego, that leaves us to assume that whatever we did is correct and we don’t need to change. Doing businesses is all about innovation, about getting in touch with the latest trends, to be in constant pursuit of bringing something new that our customers will certainly desire to have.

We hope this guide will give you a good route on which aspects your company needs to improve for maximizing your current potential. See you next time!

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