Remarketing is one of the most widely used and efficient targeting strategies used by digital marketers. It relies on user initiated behavior in the form of website visits and then serves your search and display ads to those users to re-engage with them after they’ve left your website. Serving ads to users who have already shown interest is proven to be effective: remarketed web visitors are 70% more likely to convert on your website. Remarketing requires extensive testing and optimization to drive conversions and sales. Here are 5 commandments digital marketers live by to find remarketing success.

Tailor Ad Text to Past Website Visitors

When former site visitors run searches for your keywords, show them special ads that take into account their behavior on your site. Tailor ads based on recent product lines or web pages they visited. Show a different ad to people who have abandoned a shopping cart in the last 60 days. Include special offers to people to incentivize a first purchase – or encourage a second order.

Increase Bids for Past Site Visitors to Drive ROI

Past website visitors are often a more qualified prospect. Adjust your bids and
 bid more aggressively for this audience. For example, you can increase your bid by 25%-50% for people who have been on your website in the past month.

Bid on New Keywords to Increase Conversions

If someone has already visited your site, that is often a strong indicator that they are a good prospect. So when you’re targeting past site visitors, improve the chances they see your ads by choosing a broader keyword match type and bidding higher on generic keywords. Popular keywords that might not normally be profitable for you can become profitable for people who already visited your site.

Exclude Current Customers From Seeing Your Ads

For some businesses you may want to make sure your search ads are always front and center when past customers search. But for others, you may not want to pay to show customers your ads. For example, if a current customer of a software service runs a branded search for that company, they may just want a number to call the support line. Searches like these are best left to your free organic listings.

Include Calls as Events and Adjust Bids Accordingly

If you use call attribution software, you can include phone calls from your site as remarketing criteria. Depending on your business, you may want to bid more aggressively and show different ads to past callers – or you may want to exclude them from seeing your ads altogether.

Top-performing digital marketers employ numerous targeting strategies such as remarketing in an effort to maximize online and offline conversions. For more targeting strategies and tips proven to drive conversions, make sure to download The Click-To-Call Playbook For Paid Search.