CRM marketing, challenges, customer, customers

Trying to find the right approach for CRM marketing is never easy. While you might cater to the same type of audience, each individual customer within that may have different interests. Therefore, creating a generic plan to reach out to all your customers might not work. Marketers need to be familiar with strategies to be able to connect with everyone and everything they’re dealing with. The list of challenges CRM marketers face on a daily basis isn’t getting any shorter.

Here are some of those common challenges and how to overcome them.

CRM marketing, challenges, customer, customers, CRM marketers

1. Creating Value for Customers Over Gaining More Customers

One challenge is deciding whether or not it’s better to target more potential customers or hone in on the ones that you know are more likely to buy. It might be hard to come to terms with, but some customers are just more valuable than others when it comes to making a profit.

Realizing which customers are more meaningful to your company is the best place to start. From there, continue to create more value for those customers, providing things like promotions and offers, instead of constantly trying to find more people that might buy.

2. Trying Not to Make Assumptions About Customers

This is a huge challenge, as making assumptions is something CRM marketers have to do in order to try and reach more people. Unfortunately, you know how that old saying goes about making assumptions…Using those broader outlets, like Facebook ads, for instance, can actually have reserve effects and result in losses. The reason is because all that energy you’re putting into reaching a more expansive audience is not being directed where it should be.

Therefore, it’s important to know details about your customer’s’ purchasing history, instead of the overall demographics. Specific campaigns do a much better job than reaching someone just based off of her age or his location.

CRM marketing, challenges, customer, customers, CRM marketers

3. Deciding When and How to Contact a Customer

This is a hard one. You’ve gathered information about a customer. You’ve seen they’ve gone to your website, and they may have even added a few items to their cart. But, they still aren’t buying. Is it time to reach out to them yet? Probably. Likewise, just because they looked at your site once wouldn’t necessarily be grounds for sending them a ton of emails.

Either way, this is a troubling challenge that CRM marketers face, as emailing customers at the wrong time can really make or break the potential sale. Optimizing emails and the frequency of those emails needs to be based off some pretty solid data while being handled with care.

4. Bringing Your Site to Mobile

This is a challenge that is often overlooked, and really needs to be discussed. While it may seem obvious that a company’s site should work on a mobile device or that an email from that company should be readable, it’s not always as easy as it sounds. Companies really need to spend as much time making sure this service works, just as much as their actual website.

CRM marketing, challenges, customer, customers, CRM marketers

5. Creating an Unforgettable Customer Experience

CRM marketers always have one thing in mind: The customer experience. When customers have a smooth, easy, and meaningful experience while interacting with you, a lot of positive things can come. In addition to making money off of a customer’s purchase, it’s likely that these kinds of customers will recommend your business to others, thus leading to more profit.

Trying to maintain this authentic experience when there are so many things to keep track off, requires a lot of resources that a company may not have. Instead, try incorporating things like customer surveys, polls, as well as utilizing social media.

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