One of the top methods to target a large number of people and get your message across online is via video that immediately captures your audience’s attention. When Google observes a large number of people linking to a video within a short period (usually 24 hours), it considers it as high engagement and positions the video higher in rankings.

Old Spice commercial

Now, what is a coordinated attack? Itʼs when you post your video on as many social networking sites as possible and get a large number of people to link back to your video and share it within that 24 hour period. To do this, create an attractive offer associated with your video link, something that persuades people to click on your link to watch your video (and hopefully share with others!).

Create a Coordinated Attack of your own:

  1. Post your video on social networking sites such as Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, blogging sites etc…
  2. Place a CTA asking people if they liked the video and to share it with others.
  3. Email the video to your mailing list and ask them to share it with others through their Social Media/blogging accounts.
  4. Do online press releases with a link to your video.
  5. Have an attractice offer (ex. more knowledge, a free gift, a contest etc…) in order to get them to link back to your website and share your video with others.

This is not to say that you must have a coordinated attack, because other brands have had unexpected viral successes without this strategy. I found some videos that went absolutely bonkers online in the last few years, gaining immense brand exposure. Below are examples of 5 videos that all evoke different emotions (humour, revelation, luck etc…) but nonetheless, have all gone highly viral.

Doritos Super Bowl  – 2009

Views: 1.3 Million

What better way to brand your company then having a 30 second spot during the Super Bowl. This ad made its round on YouTube instantly, and is still being viewed today. This crystal ball knows all!

Evian Roller Babies – 2009

Views: 61 Million

Evian released a video on YouTube and Vimeo that was so popular; it is being turned into a television spot.  This hilarious video received over 200,000 comments and 647,000 Facebook fans across a number of Roller Baby fan pages.

Old Spice – 2010

Views: 44 Million

Thanks to handsome looks, personalization, and humor – this video was an immense success. The Old Spice Man and a team of experts in Portland produced over 150 personalized YouTube videos, addressing fans, which helped the marketing campaign explode. Their Facebook page also has 2.2 Million fans.

Piano Stairs – 2009

Views: 19 Million

VW shot this “Fun Theory” video to showcase the idea that people choose better alternatives if they have “fun” as a motivator. The company stated that 66% of people chose to climb the musical stairs over the easy escalator alternative…even an older gentleman! These get-fit tactics should be done more often!

Dove Evolution – 2006

Views: 16 Million

I saw this video when I was still in High School – surrounded by social cliques and that self-obsession to always look perfect. This video was truly an eye opener, especially to high school girls. This video displays an average looking girl, who is then transformed into a billboard-worthy beauty thanks to copious amounts of makeup and the editing magic of Photoshop. Our perception of beauty really is distorted…

What is your favourite viral video? Why?