The deployment of 4G (fourth generation) networks by major carriers is critical to the advancement of mobile video.  The combination of high-speed 4G wireless networks and advanced mobile devices is expected to push mobile online video ubiquity.

A short explanation of  ‘G’ developments over the years.

  • 1G : analog cel phone networks.  Remember bag phones?
  • 2G: digital PCS, the first round of smaller digital phones with capacities in the range of 56 to 115Kbps, not much better than dial-up.
  • 3G: more advanced speeds of 500Kbps to 1Mbps, fostering the use of smart phones and tablets.
  • 4G: deploying now, with speeds between 3 and 12Mbps.
Fierce Wireless has offered some ‘real world’ 3G to 4G speed test comparison that can be viewed here.
Reference the recent article in Fierce Wireless on recent 4G deployments.
Video content creators should follow 4G developments closely.
Author: Rick Dearborn is President of MarketVid.