Trade Show ROI

Marketers are always looking for ways to get the most bang for their marketing buck. Trade shows are one of the most efficient ways to spend your resources because they consolidate multiple marketing goals into one campaign. Where else can you reach a large audience, sell products, network within your industry and collect leads all in one place? Keep reading to learn about how trade shows can help your marketing ROI.

Client Feedback


Having the opportunity to meet face-to-face with your clients is one of the most rewarding parts of exhibiting at a trade show. It’s also one of the best ways to hear honest feedback from your customer base.

Before heading to your next trade show, make sure you create a survey to give out to current clients on the show floor. You can also create a list of questions for your booth staffers to ask during their conversations with customers to gain better insights into what your customers want.

Getting direct feedback on your products and services is invaluable. You can take the information gathered from your trade show and refine your products and sales approach, and hopefully increase future revenue.



Enhancing brand recognition is one of the most effective ways of increasing your marketing ROI. Trade shows allow you to position your brand as a key player in your industry or niche, so the investment in time and resources can pay off big in the future.

While exhibiting at a trade show, your brand is on display to buyers, members of the press and other industry colleagues in an environment where they can see your products in person, learn about your brand directly from your booth staffers and give firsthand accounts about your brand via social and traditional media outlets.

While planning for your trade show, make sure your booth and marketing collateral reflect your company’s brand image, create press kits tailored for the event and use your preferred social media channels to promote your show presence before, during and after the event.


staffing-your-boothMeeting face-to-face helps build trust between potential buyers and brands. It can be difficult to build trust over the phone or via email, and sending sales representatives out on field sales calls can be expensive. Trade shows present the perfect networking platform. Booth staffers can build relationships with multiple potential clients on the show floor, reducing the costs of individual visits.

While exhibiting at a trade show, you and your staff can meet with multiple vendors and compare and contrasts products and pricing. Before or after show floor hours, plan to meet with vendors who are also exhibiting at the show.

Trade shows always have a strong media presence, so make sure you plan to seek out and establish relationships with members of the press.


Trade shows are second to none when it comes to presenting your brand to new prospects. In fact, it is not uncommon for booth staffers to meet with hundreds of prospects a day while on the show floor. The prospects you meet on the show floor are typically high value; many are decision makers and purchasers looking to source new products and connect with vendors.

Expanding your network of prospects will help your sales staff by providing them with hot leads. Make sure your sales staff always quickly follows up with prospects after the event.


When calculating your overall marketing ROI, remember to track and attribute sales, leads and brand exposure to your trade show campaigns. By attributing positive return to your trade show marketing, you will not only prove to your managers the value of meeting face-to-face, you will also better understand how to budget for future trade show campaigns.