It is a fact that companies aim for development and success and one of the many ways to achieve these is by making use of business numbers. Your office or business phone number is one of the most powerful marketing resources you can make use of. Most companies do not see how important and helpful their company’s number is and most of the time; they only see it as a tool for communication. Remember, communication is vital to a business which means your business number is very important.

  • In an office setting, employees are required to wear uniforms. Why not use your uniforms as a marketing strategy? On your company shirts, you can have your company name and contact number printed or weaved so that wherever you go, you are advertising the company you work for and the person wouldn’t need to ask you for the office number since the numbers are already printed on your shirt. The same thing goes for your bags, mugs, and even office stationary and calling cards.
  • Most businesses are getting toll numbers these days. If you are still planning on getting a business phone number or any other toll free number, it is best that you get vanity numbers. You can work around your toll number by choosing numbers and letters that would either state your company name or would describe the nature of your business. Make sure that you make your number sound catchy and attractive that clients would be appealed to actually pick up the phone and call your company. Also, choose a well-known service package, such as a RingCentral business phone, to ensure that you get all the necessary fringe benefits. Another advantage of spelling out your company name or business niche is easy retention of your contact information in turn widening the chance of being contacted by your consumers.
  • If your company is selling products, food, school supplies and the like, make sure that you have your business numbers printed. If you have your phone number printed or advertised on your products, clients will be able to contact you easily in case they need to order a product or two or even better, create a partnership with your company. They can also refer your product or service to their family and friends. This would be good news for business since there’s growth and expansion. A number of companies can be careless enough to not include their contact numbers in their company information in their products. Your clients can be your own marketers and advertisers without even having to pay them for their efforts.
  • When sponsoring for special events like fun runs, concerts, charity events and the like, most of the time, they would require the companies to have a huge billboard or any form of signage placed at the venue. Businesses love to be sponsors during special events because it helps in their marketing efforts, as well as brand visibility and drives traffic going to their business. If given the opportunity to be a sponsor, make sure that you include your company name, logo, address and of course, your contact numbers. In case someone from the event is curious about your company or if they have any follow-up questions, they can call contact you immediately since your numbers are printed on your posters.

There are a lot of ways to utilize your contact number to your marketing advantage. The bottom line is easy recall, repetition and constant advertising of your contact information. After all, the purpose of your business number is for you to be reached by your consumers and clientele.