All sorts of people can use video marketing online, not just content creators and businesses. In fact, tons of non profits and interest groups are taking advantage of video increasingly each year to spread their message online and be able to help their cause. If you’re still wondering how your non profit can get more followers online without having to spend too much money, these are all great ways to look into all that revolves around the power of online video.

If your non profit hasn’t considered online video before, now is the perfect time! Non profit marketing doesn’t have to simply be blogging, traditional marketing, utilizing Facebook and Twitter, it can also mean having deeply targeted videos that go beyond the simple YouTube channel full of information. What are some ways your non-profit can make use of non profit marketing?

1. Let viewers be able to donate directly

All non profits benefit greatly from donations, and one of the best ways to make sure you can receive even more donations is through a direct donation app on your video player. That’s right, you don’t have to have your viewers jumping through hoops and several redirects on your website to ensure they have an easily accessible way to donate to your non profit. Don’t deal with the headaches of trying to figure out easier ways for users to donate, simply add an app to your video player.

2. Connect all of your social networks to video

Even non profits have a need for Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. And just like for profit businesses, non profit organizations need to be able to keep all of their social networks connected and better seen by potential followers. One way to do this is having your social networks directly tied to your video player, allowing for viewers to see real-time status updates while watching video. Let them have the option of following you on Facebook and Twitter, and you’re on the right path to even more engaged users!

3. RSS feeds mean a better informed audience
Think RSS feeds are obsolete in today’s Web? Think again. RSS feeds are still a force that any type of website, non profit or for profit, can take advantage of. After years of being around, the RSS feed has simply changed shape and can now be embedded into your video player for your non profit marketing efforts.

4. Calls-to-action go beyond the landing page

The most effective way to engage a viewer to your cause is more than likely going to be a call-to-action, which most often can be found on blogs and landing pages with written content. But they can be on videos, too. Utilize the best of your calls-to-action to help inform, engage, and gain even more subscribers with all of your content, especially with your online video efforts by simply embedding them to your video player.

Videos no longer have to be static content that have the potential to bring in a handful of leads, they can be completely interactive and engaging so your non profit can succeed without having to put thousands of dollars into a non-targeted marketing campaign.

What are other potential ways online marketing, especially with videos, has helped your non profit?