The new year and holiday season provide ample opportunities for businesses to boost conversions. A helpful way to do so is by working with the psychology of holiday shopping.

People are eager to find good deals and benefit from the offers businesses create during this time. You can increase your customer base with conversion strategies that leverage the holiday season. Embracing new technologies is important as well so that you reach the most number of people effectively.

Here are some conversion-boosting strategies that will see your business grow in the new year.

Create Giveaway Contests

Giveaway contests generate excitement and anticipation. Your audience is willing to sign up for a giveaway contest because there’s nothing to lose, but there’s always the chance to get something for free.

It can work on a person’s feeling of self-esteem to win a giveaway. You’re also keeping with the spirit of the holiday season by giving your audience something of value for free.

Creating a giveaway contest gets more attention on social media, so you’ll get more engagements, traffics, and leads. You build leads by asking users to submit their email to participate in the giveaway. You can also ask them to follow you on social media. With greater traffic to your site, you’ll see a rise in conversions. It also has a long-term impact, since you can launch an email marketing campaign in the future with your now enlarged email list.

Here’s an example by MemberPress, running a giveaway campaign with a significant offer for a holiday.

Give Discounts and Offers

The holiday season lasts for a fixed period of time. You can make use of this to create a limited time offer for your audience that expires with the holidays.

This can create the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) in customers and builds urgency. Your audience will want to take advantage of your offer before time runs out and will increase conversions on your site. There different promotions that your business can offer for a limited time period.

  • Limited period access to a membership site
  • Discounts and coupons on a product
  • Event passes
  • Gift cards

There are several more ideas for season discounts and offers. It’s important to share this content with your users on social media and on your email list. You’re more likely to get engagement on social media because such offerings create an emotional reaction. Strong emotions can spur people to share your content.

Use Social Media

It s quite obvious to most businesses today that social media is a key platform that can drive conversions. However, many businesses make the mistake of focusing on promotional content when they should be building relationships.

A simple rule should guide your social media strategies: connect with users at a personal level. You can do this in many ways:

  • Use a friendly and casual way of speaking
  • Leverage humor and strong emotional words to excite feelings such as hope and joy
  • Add video content
  • Post content regularly
  • Create a brand personality
  • Respond to users comments and engage with them by liking and sharing their posts and comments

It’s also helpful to make use of social media features that are popular with users. Stories are common on all major platforms today. You can create short stories from images and videos that are visible for just 24 hours.

You can also make users interact with you through hashtags, polls, and quizzes. You can get more attention from your audience when you speak their language on social media. Focus on starting a conversation and building relationships, and you’ll be rewarded with conversions.

Personalize Your Communication

Segmenting your email list and personalizing your email communication can drive conversions. You can integrate CRM with your website, add Google Analytics to your blog, and collect data from chatbots. This kind of information can help you build rich customer profiles that tell you about their interests and needs.

You’ll be able to send targetted emails and offers that appeal to them specifically. Personalized communication treats your audience like individuals rather than a faceless mass. Addressing users by their names and giving them relevant offers will help build a relationship and greater loyalty.

The future of marketing is creating a meaningful relationship with your customers. You can’t do that without learning about them and offering them value.

Kickoff the New Year With Higher Conversions

You can miss a significant opportunity to boost sales during the new year if you don’t take advantage of it. The holiday season has people primed to spend, and you can use different strategies to win new customers.

It’s important to leverage contests, social media, and tools to drive up conversions. Use the strategies given here and you’ll see your business grow this new year