While wrapping up all those presents for your family and friends, are you forgetting some key people in your life? Like maybe…your clients? Sure, you know how important your clients are to your business, but have you made sure that they’re aware of it too?

The holiday season and the end of the year are the perfect excuse to reach out to your clients and thank them for their loyalty and their business. And hey if it weren’t for them, you may not be able to go away on that trip to the Bahamas this year!

So before you send off a quick mass email to everyone on your list, we’ve got some fun tips that’ll show how grateful you really are for your clients in thoughtful (and easy) ways.

Our favorite ways to say thank you:

What better way to head into the New Year than having left a great impression on your clients at the end of 2015? We think that if you take the time to thank your clients in a personal way, they’re more likely to remember you in a positive light when it comes to starting the fresh New Year and they’re making resolutions.

Sara Algoe, a psychologist at UNC writes that gratitude prompts particular feelings from people, including a reminder to an existing relationship and a promotion of maintaining a relationship. She calls it the remind and bind theory. Now isn’t that exactly what you want? A positive way to remind your clients that you’re here for them in the New Year and a great way to promote your relationship with them so that they feel bound to you in the coming year.

4 Ways to Thank Your Clients:

1. Holiday Greeting Video

Take some cues from us here at Contactually and send your clients an awesome holiday greetings video! So often you’re in touch with your clients over email or the phone and you rarely get a chance to deal with them in person. We think it’s so important to put a name to all those faces. So, right before our holiday party this year, we took some time to film a thank you for our clients.

Believe me, it took us a couple takes to get rid of the giggles, but it was so worth it! We were all thrilled to send it out to our contacts and clients and it gives them a great idea of who those Contactually people are at the other end of the emails and phone calls!

2. Handwritten Cards

Instead of shooting out a thank you email, spend some time in the weeks leading up to the end of the year to write out cards. While we don’t really recommend sending out one of those lengthy yearly wrap-up letters that everyone gets, we fully support a hand-written holiday and thank you card. Sure, it takes a little time, but that’s the point!

Your clients are an integral part of your business…they’re worth the time. Personalize these cards as much as you can for each client you’re sending them out to and make sure you get them out in time, you don’t want an awkward late arrival in 2016!

3. Special Gathering

Throw a party. No, we’re not advocating that you to invite all your clients to your office holiday party…but maybe you could invite them to a breakfast or bunch the next morning! This is another great way for your clients to get to know you and your team in a more personal way. Do it in your office, or rent out a local restaurant and invite them all for an afternoon open house type of party. This means there’s less pressure to staying the whole time and leaving room for awkwardness.

This gives you a great chance to show your clients a good time where you can bond over food and small talk and avoid chatting about business! Again, it does the very important task of putting a face to the names at the other end of the phone line and it humanizes you and your business…and who doesn’t want to do that?

4. Upgrade

Send an upgrade their way. What better way to thank your loyal clients than by giving them some free services? For us, it would be like giving our clients a couple free months of Contactually, but this isn’t something that just applies to software! Lawyers can offer a free consultation and realtors could help with some showings or offer to help with finding homes for sale.

Sure, not everyone will take you up on it, but the fact that you’re offering shows your clients how much you care about them and that’s something they definitely won’t forget in the New Year!

Thank you!

These two little words aren’t always said enough to our co-workers and clients and we’re challenging you to get out there and say a couple more thank you’s before the end of the year! Make it personal, and don’t go over the top. After all, isn’t it the little things that show you care?