In case you’ve somehow missed out on all of the buzz surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) over the past year, there’s no doubt it is certainly set to make a meaningful impact for both businesses and marketers in 2018. And as digital marketing recruiters, we’re aware of the uncertainty marketers may have in the confidence of their jobs with such innovative technology on the rise.

Today’s marketers need to adjust and acquire new skills that will make them more adaptable to the constant changes occurring in the digital space. While the full potential of AI is still unknown and unfolding, there are certain human traits and characteristics even the most advanced AI tools lack. These are the ones marketers have an opportunity to leverage to get ahead and set themselves up as the top candidate as AI continues to transform the marketing space.

With the development of AI is on a constant rise, organizations are having trouble finding experienced marketing talent that possesses the right skills to fully support such advanced technology. Thus, staying ahead in the AI age and picking up key skills is necessary in securing your value as a top marketer in 2018.

Digital Marketing Recruiters Share How to Secure Your Marketing Job through the AI Boom

According to Smart Insights, AI is predicted to cause the loss of over 7 million jobs across 15 economies over the next five years. While this may cause a bit of dismay, it’s important to note that rather than completely replacing certain marketing roles, AI will more likely transform how marketers work.

What will the revolution of AI mean for digital marketers in the years and years to come? Marketing headhunters and employers want top marketers that will make a valuable impact on a company’s bottom line. Thus, marketers will need to continuously expand their skills in the evolving digital space.

While the rise of AI and other technology in the digital marketing space has grown tremendously, there are several ways to secure your value as a top marketing specialist in 2018 and beyond. Here are a few skills and functions today’s marketers need to adopt to ensure you properly prepare for the rise of AI.

Possess Unparalleled Creativity

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Effective marketing requires both technical and creative marketing skills. AI can undoubtedly support data analysis but can’t yet pick up on emotions that humans naturally have. AI-powered tools also miss many creative skills that humans naturally possess.

The creative elements of any marketing efforts appeal to emotions, which often require human creativity and intelligence. This is where top marketing talent beats out AI by a long run – robots can’t think of new, ingenious ideas that appeal to human emotion (just yet, at least).

When looking for top creative talent, digital marketing recruiters seek marketers that have the ability to sense what their target audience needs and how to appeal to them in the most compelling way. Marketers are going to need to tap into their creativity and imaginations more than ever to provide enough value alongside developing AI technology.

Adopt an Innovative and Open Mindset

4 Ways to Secure Your Marketing Job through the Evolution of AI

The top marketing specialists in 2018 will need to be self-learners and motivated to constantly acquire new skills.

To succeed in the midst of AI, adopt an open mindset that allows you to master new trends and technologies you may not be familiar with. Although you may be outside of your comfort zone, it’s important to keep in mind that the most innovative marketers constantly challenge themselves to grow.

It’s a competitive industry, and experienced digital marketing recruiters are capable of differentiating marketers that over-achieve versus the ones who do the bare minimum to get by.

AI is a fascinating development in the digital marketing space, bringing along new challenges and opportunities for marketers. Completely immersing yourself in the developments of these new trends and technologies will enable you to completely understand pain points consumers may encounter and how to leverage AI to effectively resolve them.

Be Data-Savvy

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The endless streams and mass of data and numbers can be overwhelming for any marketer to thoroughly understand. In fact, 90% of the world’s data have been created in the past two years according to IBM. This is perhaps the area where AI provides the most value – in being able to make sense of such heavy data.

However, while AI is able to do a lot of the work in understanding the information, it’s necessary for today’s marketers to possess core analytical skills. AI is able to summarize the data, but marketers must be able to clearly interpret it and present the information in a way key stakeholders understand.

You can be the most creative marketer that’s able to produce compelling content, but it’s necessary to understand the data behind its consumption that supports the true impact.

Leverage AI-Powered Technology

AI drives a change in the type of personalization consumers expect. And AI tools give brands the opportunities to satisfy those expectations. AI technology is meant to be integrated with the tools that are already in place and to make tasks and processes more efficient. It empowers organizations and marketers to make more accurate decisions more efficiently, at a quicker pace.

Harness the powers of technology to support your cutting-edge skills as a marketer in today’s digital space. Digital marketing recruiters are going to look for marketers who are able to leverage such tools, as it’s going to be necessary to survive through the evolution of AI.


While some may see AI as a threat to jobs in the marketing space, it will always need real human support to reach its full potential and make an impact on a company’s bottom-line. The marriage between top marketing talent and AI tools will prove to be one of the most valuable transformations in the digital space in the nearest future.

Marketing headhunters will look for marketing specialists that not only recognize the impact of AI, but can drive real results. Marketers that are able to combine IQ with EQ to produce compelling campaigns are going to be the most desired talent any organization will seek.