The competition for top marketing talent is undeniably evident and cutthroat in today’s digital space, pushing CMOs to evaluate their organizations and gauge how to attract top of the line marketers.

Companies across all industries are determined to recruit only the best of the best to stay ahead. Top marketing recruitment agencies know that the demand exceeds supply when recruiting for A-level marketing talent.

Attracting, recruiting, and retaining the ideal talent takes more than generous incentives and a well-known brand to appeal to candidates. In the midst of a war for top marketing talent, how does your organization compare to competitors?

Marketing Recruiters’ Techniques to Improve Company Culture

One of the key factors that determines whether the ideal candidate chooses you over your competition rests on a fairly simple element of your organization that can often be neglected – company culture. According to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace study, only 33 percent of American workers are engaged at work. This means that less than half of the country’s employees genuinely enjoy their jobs and actively work to make their company better.

Marketing headhunters recognize that the culture of an organization not only affects its employees but can have a meaningful impact on the customer experience, and ultimately long-term business growth. Thus, talented marketers that join your team and enjoy their jobs ultimately perform better.

As a CMO, how do you ensure that you successfully lead your team in supporting the company’s overall cultural goals to attract and retain top talent? It’s important for candidates to possess cutting-edge skills. But if they don’t fit well with the rest of your team and company culture, it is a recipe for a disaster.

Practice Transparent Leadership

A CMO that practices humble leadership breaks down the barriers and hesitations employees may face when communicating with a C-level executive. A leader that is willing to express their uncertainty about something, and is open to hear different opinions is key in encouraging transparency within the organization. A CMO who is willing to learn and listen to C-level counterparts, as well as other employees, sets a prime example for the type of leadership needed within the organization as a whole.

Marketing headhunters know no skilled professional is willing to work for a leader who misuses his or her power. Instead of demanding respect, demonstrate effective leadership through your knowledge and expertise – this is the best way to earn recognition as a credible leader. The tone you set as a leader directly reflects the type of talent you attract and retain.

Encourage Innovation and Constant Learning

marketing recruitment agency marketing headhunters

As a CMO, you should be a prime example of the ideal employee. A leader who is humble and willing to learn more sets the foundation for your marketing team and prospective employees.

Marketing recruitment agencies are aware that CMOs are used to communicating with the external world, but it’s just as important to take a meaningful stance in becoming an active leader of their organizations’ culture. The digital marketing landscape is constantly growing and evolving, with never-ending emerging skills to pick up on. That’s why it’s critical to empower your team to constantly learn and enhance their skills.

Experienced marketing headhunters know that there is never too much learning in today’s digital marketing age. CMOs who adopt an innovative mindset, effectively lead their organizations and differentiate their brands from their competition. Along with the right support and guidance from seasoned marketing recruiters, leaders can identify top marketing talent that thrives in innovative environments.

Earn Credibility and Respect

Foster a culture that promotes respect from your C-level counterparts to the joint efforts and results your team drives. If the organization doesn’t respect your marketing efforts, there is no way the culture of the marketing department can be positive.

Cultivate a space where your marketing team feels unrestricted in doing their jobs. Allow their work to speak for itself, and let it earn credibility and respect from other leaders in the organization.

However, as a marketing recruitment agency, we realize it’s often easier said than done for marketing departments to earn their righteous place in organizations. To combat this challenge, establish high standards and push your team to contribute to building a highly productive and profitable culture. Finding the right marketers who have a high sense of urgency and who understand the importance of time in such a fast-paced industry is key in fostering a culture that is able to produce successful results.

Foster Open Communication

marketing recruitment agency marketing headhunters

CMOs should foster a company culture where people feel safe expressing their ideas and different opinions. In order to drive innovation and change, it’s essential to have diversity of thought ingrained in your culture.

Experienced marketing recruitment agencies often see that leaders hinder company growth by not encouraging their team to openly voice their opinions and ideas. Employees that feel respected and are given the opportunity to learn are able to demonstrate their satisfaction through their work. Don’t confine creativity from your team by restricting their freedom of speech – this is what drives innovative growth in a highly competitive industry.

Attracting and retaining candidates that are able to demonstrate effective communication skills early on is key in building a team of marketing experts that are capable of working together. Marketing headhunters look for not only candidates’ skills as a key factor, but also consider their ability to clearly communicate and collaborate with others to drive results.

Closing Words

A workplace of constant learning, respect, and strong leadership is key in fostering an excellent organizational culture to attract top marketers. Marketing recruiters find that it takes more than just a hefty paycheck to attract top talent. And with such a high demand of skilled marketing talent, it’s essential that C-level leaders, especially CMOs, continuously work toward improving their organizational culture.

Improving your company’s culture is more than just keeping your employees happy – it affects the bottom line of your organization, impacting business profitability and growth. Fostering great company culture (starting with your marketing team) is one of the biggest assets you have in attracting, but more importantly, retaining top employees.