Ramp Up Your Visual Marketing with These 4 Tools

4 Visual Marketing Tools for Greater Audience Engagement

Today I have some resources to help your visual marketing stand out with better visibility. Here are four links with tips and tricks to kick start your Monday.

Audiences love both video and gifs on social media. Businesses can take advantage of free tools online that help you create stand-out visuals. These will help grow your following and bring more engagement to your posts. Would you like to be able to create professional quality videos and gifs for your brand or business? Take advantage of these four visual marketing tools, and let me know how these work for you!

1) Create eye-catching animations – gifs.com

Make your graphics more visually appealing with animated images your followers will love. Gifs.com is free resource that allows you to easily create an animated gif without a watermark. Upload your images for conversion or paste in a URL from places like YouTube, Instagram, ect. Add captions, icons, and more in order to get your message across.

2) Beautiful videos in seconds – Placeit

Create a great mockup of your work with this amazing tool. Placeit allows you to create beautiful marketing videos from your images or URL. This resource is great for showcasing new products, creating social media ads or presenting a client with their branded graphics. You can choose from their large selection of stock photos or upload your own.

3) Remix photos into video – Studio

Bring your images to life with this free mobile app. Studio allows you to create beautiful videos that can be easily shared on social media. Capture more sales with a video ad on Facebook or share a message right from your phone. This is a great tool for content marketers as well as educators and business owners.

4) Record from your own teleprompter – BigVu

Shoot a professional quality video with this quick tool. BigVu allows you to speak candidly to your audience without the need of memorizing lines or reading a script. The words scroll up your screen for easy reference. Use this tool for webinars, presentations, a video profile, and much more.

Hopefully you will find these visual marketing tools useful to your social media strategy. Are there any that you would like to add as well?