Knowing how to do a successful product launch takes time, but doing so correctly can guarantee your product as a reliable source of income. Not sure how to begin? Here are a few tricks of the trade that will lead your next product launch event into greatness.

Right Product Launch Location and Context

locationWhen staging your product launch event, location and context are key. Your product event location should be chosen for its proximity to your targeted audience and whether the venue is reflective of your brand, also known as putting it in the right context. For instance, fashion-based products would be out of context at a digital tech trade show, but if they’re fantasy-themed, they could be a slam-dunk hit at comic-based one.

Smart Launch Management

Your company has created an amazing product that hits a specific need. Only, while passion is important, knowing how to effectively communicate that product through presentation at a launch event takes experience and know-how. Hiring event managers ensures that every aspect of the event launch, from big concepts to tiny details, is taking care of.



Schedule The Launch Effectively

scheduleNot allowing for enough time to create, plan, and execute the product launch event is the number one mistake companies make when launching products. A detailed plan should begin at least four months before the product launch event. This gives you a flexible amount of time to plan for and execute extensive marketing programs and PR activities, plus it gives your company enough time to get all of the product messaging, positioning, and pricing finalized.

While it is possible to schedule an event within weeks, it will be stressful and often leads to miscommunication and poor execution with less-than-desired results.


Consistent PR and Promotional Backing

From the announcement of your product launch to the post-event analysis, every action should be balanced. Consistently communicate your product between the planning and executing phases through a variety of public relations vehicles, including press releases, print advertising in trade magazines or local newsprints, and social media blitzes.

Depending on your company and product, consider running a Kickstarter or similar campaign up to the date of your product event launch and have backers receive their rewards on-site.