Great marketers plan and map out their plan. They draw arrows on a whiteboard, or create to do lists. Either way, they lay out processes and procedures first.

Marketers have become more sophisticated in their use of technology. They take on larger projects of new technologies, such as implementing marketing automation or CRM. They develop workflows for marketing automation programs, maps for lead scoring, and gantt charts for web development projects. All of this requires definition, preparation, implementation, and testing.

With all of this responsibility, it’s tough to stay productive and not get lost in the massive marketing mayhem. Here are four ways to get organized and become a more productive marketer.

Own The Agenda

Set the initial agenda of a meeting to ensure you own the pace. Remind attendees that you’ve given them 25 minutes of your day to have a conversation. This avoids an unorganized meeting, which is a waste of time. Kindly remind them of the time during the meeting, such as the halfway point, in order to stay on track. Your goal is to cover all of the required topics in that time period, without going over or having to schedule a similar meeting again.

This approach may sound forward, but it’s productive and the other meeting attendees will appreciate it. They also structure their day to make sure that their time is used most efficiently.

Create Lists Of Tasks

Whether it’s a notepad on your desk, Evernote or a board in Trello, keep track of your tasks from the minimal to the bigger picture items. Here are some useful tips:

  • Before you leave for the day, create a list of tasks for tomorrow. That way, when you come in the next morning, you can hit the ground running.
  • Set reminders for every task, even if it’s just a few minutes in advance. This lets you know that your next task is approaching, and nudges you to wrap up what you’re doing and move on.
  • Create custom categories, such as Meetings, Events, and Blog, and label each of your tasks accordingly.
  • Set up reoccurring reminders for regular or ongoing tasks, such as blog editing or Google Analytics optimization.
  • Update your list as you complete tasks, or if you need more time. There’s nothing more satisfying than crossing something off a list.

By clearly structuring your meetings, your daily tasks, and your plans in advance, you’ll dramatically increase your productivity.

Organize Your Projects With Helpful Tools

Having a way to lay out all of the marketing work, with clear triggers, choices, and processes, will help to document what was done, explain it to others, as well as enable you to go back and reference areas when something goes wrong. At RingLead, we work with many helpful systems, including Trello, a lightweight project management tool. You can access and use some of our Trello boards here.

Page Mutant recently released The Marketer’s Guide to Trello, to help marketers get more clarity into the plans, projects and tasks they need to track as part of their job. It’s for any marketer who wants to make their life a little easier and their team more effective.

Ensure Data Quality

There are more than 100 consequences of bad data, some of which include skewed marketing reports, incorrect automated processes, bad workflows, and inaccurate drip nurture campaigns. Dirty data affects moral, because dirty data is frustrating and inefficient for marketing. You invest so much time and money into your marketing automation and CRM implementation and ongoing administration and improvement, but it’s all rendered useless when you come into contact with dirty data.

Leads come at you from multiple directions. You generate a lead from a free trial, for example, and then that same lead also downloads a white paper. Bringing those two actions together without matching email addresses results in duplications. Without a way to manage this, you’re up a creek with no paddle.

The solution is ensuring your CRM and marketing automation platforms are clean and rid of bad data. Only then can you truly trust the data that you use everyday to do your job. And only then will you be more efficient in your daily tasks when working with data.

Learn how to stop duplicate data once and for all with this free ebook.